December 11, 2019

Importance Of Maintaining An Irrigation System For Your Lawn

Let it be a sprinkler or drip irrigation that you have installed for your landscape, it is important to maintain your property’s system constantly in order to conserve water and maintain a healthy landscape by cutting down overall expense. Regular inspection and maintenance of your irrigation system will ensure that the grass, plants, and trees on your property get sufficient water all through the season to look lush and healthy. You may include the following features in your irrigation maintenance strategy:

Key Points to Maintain a proper Irrigation System
Be season-specific: With changing seasons, your irrigation system’s schedule will vary. Each season will have a different temperature and humidity that can affect the landscape. Hence your irrigation system has to be adjusted in such a way that your landscape gets only sufficient water in all the season. You may even have an environmental sensor installed in your irrigation system as this can monitor rainfall, humidity, soil moisture, and freezing temperatures and accordingly distribute water to your landscape.

Frequent inspection: Though the irrigation pipes, sprinkler heads, valves, and nozzles are designed to combat the normal wear and tear, conducting repeated inspections can ensure the efficient distribution of water to the landscape. For example, if a leakage in the valve is detected, it can be replaced during the maintenance thereby reducing not only the water bill but also preserving the natural resource. Similarly, if the sprinkler head position is changed by any external factors, it can be adjusted back to its ideal position during the maintenance of the system.

Explore new technologies: With evolving technologies, irrigation manufacturers are constantly modifying their techniques to improve their devices. It is always better to stay up to date and upgrade your outdated irrigation system.  It is the most efficient way of getting water to your landscape economically. Experts like opines that installing an advanced technology irrigation system without damaging the landscape is vital. The outdoor space is inspected first to design and install a customized irrigation system to promote a beautiful, flourishing and healthy landscape for the coming years.

Annual audit: While regular inspection ensures the quality working condition of your irrigation system throughout the year, an annual audit of your irrigation system is the best time to check the overall performance of your system. Through this yearly audit, an in-depth examination of the system can be carried out to find better options to conserve water and minimize your water bill.

Schedule irrigation session: Irrigation session should be scheduled in such a way that the water reaches the deep root level especially in slopes and sites with compact soil. This can be carried out through multiple short cycles of irrigation session that will minimize the wastage of water. The water distributed in each area should be enough to soak the ground to a depth of 12 inches. Run time can be adjusted according to the type of the soil as less water is required to soak sandy soil when compared to clay soil. As the season changes the number of days for watering should be adjusted keeping the run time constant throughout the year.

Above all the irrigation system is a mechanism that requires constant maintenance to perform at its best. The irrigation management system shall change according to the changes in the landscape in order to utilize its complete potential.

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