December 26, 2019 Haul # 1

I just recently watched a satire commentary regarding fast fashion and as much as I wanted to agree with what was narrated in that show, being a thrifty person and wanting to save money for more important things like travel and such, I always go for fast fashion more than going for branded items. Not that I can’t afford branded items, I just most often times feel I’m being ripped off, I don’t know if I’m just stingy or what, but I always believed that I can find almost the same thing, if not completely the same, in other stores for way cheaper prices. That’s why I always opt for fast fashion.

There’s nothing actually that bad about buying fast fashion. I just hope no ethical stuff is going around in the production of the fast fashion items that I buy in retailers or online. If I’m going to be honest, there are times that if I opt for fast fashion, I don’t get what I really want, especially if I acquire them online. But then there are instances that I need to wear something just once, say like for a themed event and such, fast fashion comes in handy. You don’t have to spend so much for something that you will only wear once.
Also when it comes to fast fashion, you also have got to have the patience. Patience to research and check the feedback of other people purchasing items from retailers and online shops. Patience to also accept what quality you’ll receive, after all you opted for something affordable so never expect a $100 tag price quality for something you’ll pay for $15. I have experienced hit or miss when it comes to shopping clothes from fast fashion sellers, but there are also times that I’m blown away by the quality and how pretty some of my purchases were.
My latest fast fashion shopping experiences have been great and the last time I was completely astounded by how beautiful the items that I got from this online clothing shop called

Dear-Lover is one of the leading international manufacturer and marketer of dropship women's clothing. With top sewing facilities, unique fabrications, laces, and trims from over 650 resources and employing the experienced workers, it has found its brand with an international network of distributors. Their main marketing has reached over 130 countries and has over 9,000 leading retailers. Now Dropship-clothes is a top fashion clothing manufacturer and supplier brand all over the world in Drop-shipping field.

They supply a wide range and all types of wholesale sweatshirts, wholesale dresses, wholesale lingerie, wholesale women's clothing, and women's plus size clothing such as plus size dresses, plus size swimsuits, plus size tops, plus size lingerie, plus size cosplay costumes etc. at a very competitive price.

I browsed through their website to put items on my wishlist first before deciding what two products to finally add to my shopping cart. And man, they have so many clothes that I want to have! I actually added around 50 clothing items on my wishlist that I wish I can buy them all! Plus their prices are reasonable. I have to try and see first how the quality of their clothes fare before I get more. So here are the two items that I got from Dear-Lover:

Luminous Dawn Lace Gown
Description: Fully lined with a V neckline, full elasticated waist and ladder trim inserts. This enigmatic piece continues our love affair with lace in signature spell style. Perfectly arranged in hushed convert to offer a classic piece with twists and turns of hypnotic detail. Crafted in a cotton/nylon blend, with a front and back yolk, scalloped hem and gathers on the sleeve. Dropship dresses will surely become a treasure of your wardrobe and potential heirloom piece. 

Ok, the first time I laid my eyes on this dress, I was immediately smitten! It has all the Bohemian style feels that I really like. This only comes in color white, but I think that that is the only color that this dress really looks good in. I love the many textures and layers that this dress has. It has an embroidered mesh lace layer, some ruffles in it, and layers of plumetti chiffon. The dress is so versatile that you can actually use it for special occasions, as a beach dress (just like I did) and many of my friend commented that it can even pass as a wedding dress if you're planning a garden or Bohemian or beach themed wedding.

The I just followed the sizing on their website to get the size of the dress that will fit me. When I finally received it and tried it on, it fit nicely. The top part is a little bit loose which I liked because it’s comfy. The waist part is garterized so it will conform to your body. As for the length it was long for my height, if I wear heels or wedges, the length is just ok. But I had to have it altered because I can’t wear them with heels or wedges every time. Plus, I’ve always wanted to wear a white maxi dress on the beach so length should be just right knowing that I’ll be barefooted or will have to wear just slippers.

I super love this dress, like a 100 percent in love with it! I hope I can wear it many more times in the future not only on the beach but for also for other engagements or events. I’m telling you that if you like this too, you should get it asap. You won’t regret it. To be honest, for its price and the quality that you’ll get in return, it is so much worth your money!

Blue Anja Tassel Kimono
Description: Abstract, paisley like print that gives off bohemian vibes. Designed with an open front and relaxed silhouette. Side slits and a tassel detailed hemline complete the look to a finish. Its lightweight fabrication makes for a perfect layering piece or cover up. Look fashionable and charming with Dear-lover swimsuits and other outfits.

I already have a few kimonos in my closet but most of them have lengths that end up just about my hips or waist and most are made of chiffon. I’ve been dying to get me one of those that are super long and have some ethnic prints on it or something that would fit a bohemian style. Also, I wanted something that will be very versatile where I can use it for just about anywhere. I already have a couple of stuff added to my shopping cart, when I chanced upon this kimono, and I really wanted this so much that I had to discard two items in my cart just to pave way for this kimono. Good thing is that this kimono is a winner.

Even before I took it out of its packaging, I was already ecstatic because the color is a so pretty. It’s more of teal blue green shade which is uncommon. The material used is really good plus the make is really of good quality. For its price, this kimono is such a steal! The prints on this kimono are mandala prints and goodness it’s so gorgeous! The prints are also very refined and no bleedings. The length goes down up to my mid-calf which is a perfect length for me. The pom-poms that line its bottom are nice cute little additional touches.

I love that I can wear this with jeans, shorts or just a over a swimsuit. I can wear just any basic outfit, say a plain shirt with jeans or a tank top with shorts and I put this on, voila! My outfit is all spruced up! It’s as if I had put so much effort on my outfit, when I totally didn’t. I love this kimono so much, it’s one of my best buys ever!

I'm not sure if this kimono is still available, because the last time I checked this was already sold out, but there's another available color. Also below are similar kimonos that you might also like:

All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase from I am excited to get more items from this store! Love anything from this haul? Just click the links below the the photos for more details of each item. Btw, Dear-Lover has an ongoing BIG SALE and items are updated every now and then, so you may want to check that one as well!


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