September 2, 2020

Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken: with REAL TASTE - not just the sauce!

I can’t count how many times my family cooked a chicken dish during the lockdown. Sometimes we even repeat a recipe in a week. But have gotten sick of eating chicken over and over again? Never! But I would love to try and eat something new; I mean like new chicken dishes. Got my wish granted faster than I expected. 

From the same brains and talents behind one of Tomas Morato’s hippest places to dine: Boa Kitchen + Socials, comes Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken. I’m not sure where they got the name  of their newest venture but for some reason, I thought about Psy’s song Oppa Gangnam Style. Well, there’s a connect don’t worry LOL. 

Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken  is a new concept food brand that aims to deliver great value to its customers by promising a crispy and juicy chicken with real taste inside and out. They bank on their claim of boneless fried chicken with real taste and not just the sauce because for Gang Gang, we all deserve  better chicken! And I couldn’t agree more!

Their boneless chickens are made of thigh meat which are much tender and flavorful, then battered and deep fried, giving total crispiness in every bite. But that doesn’t end there, Gang Gang concocted 7 types of sauces to make their boneless chicken even more irresistible. The sauces are Gangnyeom, Hot Style, Salted Egg, Cheesy Bacon, Soy Mansi, Sriracha Mansi and Cheesy Garlic

These boneless chickens come in two sizes: Friends – which is good for up to 3 persons and Gang – which is good for 6 people. You can also do the combos (with cheese dip) or the Half-Half in one box. So, I got to try 2 of Gang Gang’s variants: Soy Mansi and Gangnyeom. Although it came from QC and was delivered to Pasig, the chicken were still warm and the skin was still crispy. 

The Soy Mansi Boneless Chicken – or in Tagalog, Toyomansi is a classic Filipino sauce made of soy sauce (toyo) and calamansi (mansi). Gang Gang’s version is the thicker sauce with a nice balance of salty and tangy. Remember I said earlier, I associated this brand to the song Oppa Gangnam Style, well, here’s the connection (ipipilit ko talaga ‘to! Hahahaha!) their Gangnyeom variant has that super distinct Korean flavor to it, I mean, if you taste it, you’ll easily recognize it’s a Korean flavor. (oh diba na push ko? Hahaha!)

Gang Gang offers promos often, like right now, as of this writing they have this SALAMAT 24 promo wherein if you Buy 2 and you get the third at just 24 pesos! Mix and Match 3 of your favorite flavors and save 196 pesos and they all come in "Friends" sizes where each flavor is good for 3 people. Order now, I’ve put their contacts below. 

45 ABDC Building, Scout Rallos cor Scout Tuazon, 
Laging Handa, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 0995 487 6874 / (02) 8290-3103

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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