December 19, 2020

My Very Own Starry Night Over The Rhone by Van Gogh c/o Photowall Sweden + Discount Code

If you guys dont know it yet, I'm a HUGE fan of the Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. It is one of my life goals to see his masterpieces in person and to visit Nuenen, Netherlands -his birthplace. I remember one of the subjects I had back in University of Asia the Pacific was about European arts, while all my classmates were bored and pretending to listen to our professor (who was excited everytime she talks about all these things and her travels to Europe), I was the only one paying attention, fascinated by the paintings and sculptures by European artists flashed on the projector. 

Van Gogh was one of the Impressionists that intrigued me, Starry Night Over the Rhone is my fave work of his (and no not the famous Starry Starry night that you know). I remember my professor telling us with so much enthusiasm about Van Gogh's mental illness and how it affected his work. Last year, I visited Van Gogh's digital exhibit, I became fully aware of that, as this showed Van Gogh’s life and works, throughout his life, and you could see how evident his mental illness with his choice of colors, the heaviness of his brushstrokes and the lack of the detail that he used to have, as he succumbed to his  own demons. Tragically, he’s one of these artists who never got to experience the fruits and glory of his talent and works. 

But that exhibit is one of the best experiences of my life and one of my best birthday celebrations to date. I had Goosebumps and got teary-eyed! Seeing my favorite impressionist’s work come alive and just even in interactive digital form is such a big deal to me. Some may say it doesn’t compare to the real thing, but it is something to me.  

So, when my friends at Photowall Sweden contacted me again to do a collaboration with them, I knew in my mind that I got to do a canvas print of one of Van Gogh's works this time around. I mean, I would never in my lifetime own a Van Gogh work and I don’t even know if a person is allowed to own one. Because his works should really be and is worthy to be placed in museums for millions of people to view, admire and enjoy. 

Photowall Sweden consists of passionate people from Sweden whose hearts beat for design. The idea of Photowall was born in 2006 when brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson realized that the selection of personalized wall art on the market was relatively limited. They believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel. That's why their mission is to help people fill their walls with great art. Photowall have a carefully selected and diverse range of products including muralswallpaperscanvas printsframed prints and posters. Or you can have your own photos printed as a wall paper, prints, canvas or posters. With passion and attention to detail, it is their pleasure to help people to transform your home and business spaces to reflect your personality. Their products are manufactured in Sweden and shipped worldwide. Photowall is now an established company with its own factory and offices in Skarpnäck near Stockholm, Sweden.

It’s no brainer, I’m going to choose Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone for my canvas print. Good thing that Photowall Sweden carry hundreds of designs you can choose from and yes including Van Gogh artworks. I also chose the same size of the original artwork which is 90cm x 70cm. 

Ordering on Photowall’s website is a piece of cake. Once you pick your design, you just need to enter the measurements of the canvas print, choose how you want your edges or sides to look, customize (optional), check out, pay and wait for your package. I customized mine by changing the size. My package was sent via DHL and arrived in I think almost a week (since I live halfway around the world). It came in a long square box, where inside I found the canvas print, the wood panels for the frame and all the other tools needed for this project inside the box.  Heck, they even included and hook to hang your finished product.’s canvas prints are of the highest quality and do not fade in sunlight. They use strong canvas that is mounted on a frame. The frame is made of ash, which makes the print stable and light. The canvas is also made of 100% cotton and is UV-resistant. 

I watched their tutorial video on how to set this canvas print and my gosh it was quick and super easy. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You just have to join together the frame molding pieces along the edge of the canvas print. Then place the metal angle brackets in the corners and then tighten. Mount the canvas print on the wall with the included mounting hanger. And voilà—you’re done! I had my sister do this for me as I filmed and setting the artwork took her less than 10 minutes! I mean how fast is that?! Just check put the video and you’ll see. 

I am so in love with this product! My very own Van Gogh artwork at home that will adorn the wall on my mini hallway in my apartment. I was also amazed on how vivid the colors are and the brush strokes looks like real brushstrokes that when you only touch the surface of the canvas that you’ll know that it’s printed. What a perfect gift I received just in time for Christmas! 

This Photowall Sweden canvas print turned my usually boring hallway wall into something stunning don’t you think? Photowall Sweden also offers other printed wall decors, you can check out my previous collab with them on this article:  Beach-Themed Tiny Bedroom Quarantine Makeover with Photowall Sweden + Discount Code 

To end this blog post, if you’re doing some improvements or adding some artwork to your home and you are interested in any of their products, you, my lovely readers an use my 25% discount code: jenstaana25, which you can use at until January 9 2021. This discount code applies to all their products. 

Stay safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world!

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  1. I love art and interior designing. those photo wall decors are beautiful, very classy and elegant looking.. I would definately buy one once were done renovating our house:)

  2. i am not the artsy type pero van gogh's starry night is my fave. sayang nga di ko napuntahan yung museum dito nun sa bgc parang palaging ubos yata tickets or di ako pwede sa mga me available.btw i love your new decor!

  3. It looks so freaking good! Totally a stand out piece in your hallway. I'd have to check out photo wall. I may use them for my new room when we move into the house.

  4. Wow this is gorgeous and will be a perfect gift! I will definitely check their other stocks.

  5. This is such a beautiful experience. I don't have much interest of arts and paintings but this post is so convincing. I will try to explore more of places like this. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Ang nice, Jen! Perfect as accent sa walls! I love how it looked like real brushstrokes too! Great that you chose this artwork among their choices! :)

  7. Wow that's interesting! Something we need to think about, we have a lot of blank walls here in the house...

  8. one of my biggest regrets was not being able to visit that van gogh gallery in bgc! glad yu can relive it by your own print :)

  9. I know it's a dream come true for you. Naiimagine ko how kilig you are. The color is so vivid it seems that you got a replica of the said painting.

  10. That is so beautiful! Would love to have this too hanging on my wall. Okay din to pang gift sa mga artsy friends :)

  11. Naks naman ang ganda po nya! Nakakainlove lalo na nung nilagay mo na talaga sya sa wall!


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