December 15, 2020

Send smiles and hugs this Christmas, say it with Ben’s Cookies!

And just like that, the year is about to end. It was January of 2020, me making plans for the summer and to migrate somewhere in Europe for good, I blinked, and it is already December. What just happened? I’m still in awe. Can we, like, cancel 2020? As If it never happened? In 2021, can we do a reset, move  a year and take out 2020? I mean, seriously. 

During times like this when I reflect back to the year that was, I can’t help but get a little bit sad of the things on my goals list that I want able to tick out. What a bummer, right? And something like this needs a pick-me-upper. Such a timely thing though, I went out last Sunday with my girlfriends for brunch and when I got home a box of Ben’s Cookies was waiting for me. Hello, it’s just England’s best cookie brand lang naman! So obviously, I’m beyond ecstatic!

I would love to sulk because of what is happening around me, but Christmas time and New Year’s are my favorite time of the year and for once, this pandemic won’t let ruin the holidays for me. Nope, not going to let it happen. And these cookies, ohmygod, they’re endorphin-boosters! This might sound a little weird, but do you find yourself gleeful or smiling whenever you eat a cookie? Well, I know I do. 

During Christmas time, I enjoy it so much that I couldn’t care less of what I eat. And most of the time sweets are what I’m craving for. It’s a hard habit to break, I really can’t give up on sweets. Well if you’re like me (even if not) these Ben’s Cookies will surely make you salivate by juts the look of them. 

I mean just look at the size of these cookies, they’re HUUUGEEE! They’re the size of my hands! Moreover, these cookies are made with the best ingredients and made with chunks of chocolate, nuts and fruits, not those teeny tiny chocolate chips. The chocolates they use are also quality ones from Belgium and Switzerland. It’s the best classic, soft baked cookie, IMO!

These are the flavors of the Ben’s Cookies that I received as an early Christmas gift: 

White Chocolate Chunk – like a princess from a bygone age, this cookie is pure elegance. A very popular choice but (whisper it quietly), she can be a bit of a diva.

Milk Chocolate Chunk – the original. The daddy of cookies. cookies are like Star Wars; the first ones are the best.

Double Chocolate & Nut – this cookie doesn’t lack for confidence. Double chocolate and nuts, sure it’s nice, but it’s all he talks about! Still, if you were made from the finest chocolate and nuts I guess you’d tell people about it too.

Speculoos Crunch – ahhh my favorite shortcrust biscuit! Especially the cookie butter version, I can snack on that on any given day. Making it into a cookie is just pure bliss!

Dark Chocolate Chunk – a sophisticated cookie for sophisticated people. Perfect for late night conversations, bearded academics and lovers of red wine. For French cinema, Italian opera and Danish television dramas.

*Sigh* These cookies definitely feels like Christmas! Just think of that sweet scent of Christmas  day morning, that’s exactly what you’ll experience when you open a box of Ben’s Cookies. And definitely they are a great Christmas gift idea! Surprise your fiends and loved ones with these super good cookies this Christmas especially that they have these promos
> Buy 10 Cookies Get 5 Free Cookies for P900.00
> Buy 5 Cookies Get 2 Free Cookies for P450.00

You can order online if you don’t want any hassle of travelling to the mall via their website but if you’re near the Ortigas area, you can find their shop at the ground floor of The Podium Mall

G/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Ben's Cookies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I super enjoyed reading this and it’s totally fun that you gave each cookie a personality!!! I’d have to try out all of these for myself! Perfect to get into the xmas spirit

  2. I enjoys reading this and i live how you gave each cookie such fun personalities. Id have to try them out for myself. Perfect to spread some xmas spirit!

  3. Reading this blog makes me crave for cookies. I would definitely try this. The dark chocolate chunk is what I am looking forward to. It can totally make late night convo extra special.

  4. Amazing!!! Looks do delicious and yummy:) So nice to hear that you can order it online and their shop location is close to where we usually stay in the Philippines!

  5. You are right, the cookies are a "handful"! hehe , it is quite big and for sure it is tasty as how you produced the photos! love it!

  6. wow i love these cookies. these are perfect gift ideas this holiday season.

  7. Oo nga, ang bilis. Parang kailan lang gumagawa lang tayo ng Dalgona Coffee tapos ngayon malapit na matapos yung 2020. Well, matatapos na lang ang taon di ko pa rin natitikman tong Ben's Cookies. Buti na lang pala may delivery option na sila!

  8. I want the Double Chocolate & Nut and the Dark Chocolate Chunk. Magandang panregalo nga ito para sa mga Titos and Titas ko.

  9. Oh their cookies are awesome and so yummy! My favorite here is Double Chocolate and Nut.

  10. I love Ben’s Cookies! Super worth it siya cos of the quality and the ingredients used. And nice to know may promo sila! 😍

  11. I like cookies as a gift and with prices like that, i think it's reasonable. Gusto ko din may cookies sa pasko. Perfect kutkutin with coffee

  12. alamo ba first try namin nito last November nun nag Podium kami. na curious ako and mahilig si coco sa cookies. ayun!!! bet na bet niya! he loves milk choco chunk the most! ako din yata! sulit na sulit kasi ang laki pa niya


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