October 23, 2020

’70s Disco Fashion and Beauty Trends are Making a Huge Comeback in 2020

2020 may be the Halloween day that happens year-round. But what it lacks in major happenings and activities, people, especially in the field of fashion and beauty found have found a way to turn this dreadful season of our times into something lively and colorful. As the year progresses, so do the hottest styles when it comes to fashion and beauty. From classic style of clothes, makeup and hair styles, there’s a myriad of looks for everyone’s personal style.

From the neutral color combinations to a myriad of bright shades, there is something for everyone. There’s this saying that everything that’s old is new again and that fashion always just comes back, as it is or updated to the utilization of current style. But one distinct fashion that emerged this 2020 is the 70’s era aka the disco era. 

From chokers to wide-leg pants, to big and curly hair, there are so many fashion throwbacks happening all up in the fashion and beauty department.  Designers in particular are making a major case production for a return to the ’70s, which was a wild decade full of disco and revolutions. Gucci is one of those big fashion houses that giving us all the outfits with a lot of groovy inspo.


Bright pop color suits, bell sleeves and bell bottoms are being rocked by style influencers and celebrities to complete the ’70s looks, that we can all gush and stan! These pieces of clothes can be printed with flowers for that hippie carefree feel to it or just with bright and bold colors like strong hues of blue, green, red or if you’re adventurous some orange. 

Makeup can be toned down by using muted or brown shades or go all out by using the brightest eyeshadow color on your palettes and finishing it with the blackest cat eye eyeliner and finish off with an eye catching shade of lipstick as well – red, hot pink or fuchsia perhaps?

To complete the overall look, don’t forget your hairstyle. 70’s fashion is all about big hair and I mean HUGE hair with all the curls, shags and flips. And volume too, don’t forget the volume! Unfortunately, not everyone of us is blessed with thick hair. But fret not, we are in the 2020’s and all you need to do is to browse for hair extensions at a wigs online store. Nowadays you can already find human hair extensions that you can style just like your own natural hair; curl it, fringe it, cut it, you will be all set. There are also afro-style wigs and hair extensions that were big back in the 70s. 

If you want to follow the disco trend but don’t want to do it for your clothes, you can opt for doing something drastic to your make up or your hair instead. For your hair you can go for the use of colored wigs and your outfit with muted tones or monochromatic shades. Or if you want to amp it up and go with the modern retro trend with a twist, using ombre wigs, is the way to go. You’re still in with the colorful disco trend but still relevant to the current times. 

Of course, any look wouldn’t be complete without the use of accessories like jewelries, bags and shoes. For accessories, you can’t really go wrong with accessorizing as this is what shows your style and personality. But if you want to go for really 70’s style, aviator shades, headbands, hoop earrings or anything with feathers. As for shoes, clogs, boots and platforms are the top picks. 

So, if you’re a sucker for all things vintage and want to try the colorful ’70s disco trends, keep this post on your radar. This era is definitely a versatile option that allows you to stand out amongst the crowd.

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  1. Wow the trends are coming back 😊 like ko yung mga wide pants 😊 cute din ng hair styles 😍

  2. Yes that's true. Bumabalik ang '70s vibes !

  3. I like the 70's style. They have lots of colors and design to their outfits.


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