October 9, 2020

Beauty In The Time of Pandemic

Yep, sorry to bust your bubble, although it may seem things are getting better, we’re still in this pandemic. But what’s nice is that we are starting to go through our lives like normal, only that his time around, we are careful and we take consideration of the safety precautions. Like what6 others like to call it, we are in the “new normal”. 

At the start of this pandemic and the lockdowns that are happening around, I am one of those who felt like the world is coming to an end. I did nothing for a while except just to wake up for work. Unlike others who found things to entertain themselves like cooking, doing arts and crafts, taking care of plants, baking etc. I was just living life everyday as it is. 

Probably 1 or 2 months in into the lockdown, I felt like I had to take back a part of my life somehow. If you know me well, you would know that I rarely go out looking like a drab (except for just going to the neighborhood store of course). Going to work or to any social event, I always put on makeup, fix my hair and pick out the best outfit. Since I’m stuck at home, doing that became impossible. 

But I just realize, at least I have to try to look decent instead of just wearing normal house clothes. This is because every start of our shift, our entire department goes on a video conference as a form of taking attendance and we do several activities. I decided to make sure I always look presentable even for just our online meeting. Ok, I’m not doing full on make up or dressing up like I’m going out, but I make sure I shower, pick better clothes than my house clothes/sleeping clothes, put on powder, do my eyebrows a lip balm or lipstick. And to be honest, it makes a difference on how I’m feeling even if I’m at home. It gives me some point of delineation between home and work. You get my point?


I also thought about how the beauty industry will survive this pandemic, because let’s be frank, who’s going to buy them if no one will see people wearing makeup at home besides their family members. But these days, beauty companies turned to making cleaning substances like perfume companies are making hand sanitizers or alcohols instead of perfumes. Sanitizers and masks became the new fashion statement. Some brands have even started infusing healthy additions like zinc into cloth masks, to boost their value by claiming they have antimicrobial properties.

Surprisingly, the beauty industry might has slowed down, but it’s not going down. I’m still seeing major beauty brands continuously promoting their products and you can see a lot of online stores still carrying and selling these items. Also, don’t you think, this is the best time to learn or improve your beauty and hair styling skills because you have a lot of time in your hands? 

For example, like myself, if you’ve been on this blog regularly, you know I’ve written so much about hair extensions as I want my hair to look full and thick. I’ve never used one up to this day, but I know a lot about it, which one I need, like if I do I need to try the human hair bundles or go for the U part wig. There’s so many types of these hair extensions that you really need to research which ones will suit your need and style. I haven’t feeling myself lately, and I guess using something like these and changing my look good give me some energy or confidence boost. 


Since applying lipstick is basically useless nowadays because everyone needs to wear a mask every time they go out. Woman who loves wearing make up should probably focus on eyeshadows. This is the best time to experiment on colors for your eyes. Haven’t perfected that cat eyeliner until now (basically me, haha!) or those eyebrows on fleek, then it’s the perfect time to do it! Daytime or nighttime smokey eyes are hard to create if you ask me, it took me years to be able to do them on my own. Thus, if you finally learn how to do them, that’ll save you money for when you need a bold eyeshadow for an event or going out with friends. 

Whether you don’t have eye problems or not, you can also try using colored contact lenses to add some pop of color on your face, since as you know, it’s only our eyes that people can see when we wear face masks right? I’ve been wearing contact lenses since high school and only that when I started working that I’ve tried the colored ones and believe me they sort of changes the way you look. If you’re doing it for the first time, try the subtle color change first. Like for me I started with dark browns then moved to hazel and then gray. I would love to try blue and green next. 


Lastly, the use of skin care products. Since you’re not going out that much, that means less pollution and less exposure to sun, which is actually great for your skin. This is high time to finally use or buy gentle exfoliating products that you can’t normally use if you have sun exposure. It’ll give you maximum benefits for sure. 

We all know that this worldwide quarantine cuts people off from their daily life in ways that are both immediately obvious and imminently shattering. But hey, it’s time to retake our lives back, dye your hair in the most outrageous color, wear that crazy eyeshadow color, finally buy that human hair wigs you’ve been dying to try, start an elaborate skin routine, etc. This is the time! Feeling and looking beautiful in this time of pandemic shouldn’t be the least of your priorities. Just don’t forget to be always on the side of caution, safety and health.

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  1. Mata Ang labanan Ng new normal 😃 marami pa Rin Po akong nakikita na continue pan Rin Ang promotion Ng beauty products.


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