October 3, 2020

Everyday Celebrations Made Sweeter by CakeRush.ph

Cakes are staple to almost every occasion. It is so common that sometimes we forget how this ever came to be. Birthday cakes have been a part of birthday celebrations in Western European countries since the middle of the 19th century. However, the link between cakes and birthday celebrations may date back to ancient Roman times. The Greeks would make round cakes to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The lit candles on the cake represented the glow of the moon, and the smoke from the candles carried their prayers and wishes to the Gods who lived in the skies.

In the 15th century, bakeries in Germany began to market one-layer cakes for customers' birthdays in addition to cakes for weddings. During the 17th century, the birthday cake took on its contemporary form. These elaborate 17th century cakes had many aspects of the contemporary birthday cake, like multiple layers, icing, and decorations. However, these cakes were only available to the very wealthy. Birthday cakes became accessible to the lower class as a result of the industrial revolution and the spread of more materials and goods.

Nowadays, having cake doesn’t have to mean you have something super important to celebrate, like a birthday or something. Personally, I buy cake just because I want or craving for one. I think I’ve bought a cake at least once a month since the lockdown started. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to go out of my house just to enjoy cake because of the of TNVS delivery services and online cake shops. 

If you want to try other cakes other than the familiar brands that you usually buy, you may want to check out Cake Rush PH. Cake Rush is a new reliable choice for cake delivery in the Philippines. They can fulfill your cake orders all over the Metro Manila.

Why satisfy your sweet cravings via www.cakerush.ph:

Same Day Delivery
Same Day cake delivery is available for orders placed before 3:00pm. You can even select the time slot which is best suited for your recipient or yourself to receive the cakes. Quality is guaranteed through their  local bakers with decades of experience.

Free Delivery on All Orders
Yes, you heard that right, there is no shipping fee on all products that you buy via the Cake Rush PH website. They will deliver your cake right to your or your recipient's doorstep - all across Metro Manila, with absolutely no delivery fee! 

Safe & Convenient Payment
I’ve always wished that the Philippines will take after the digital payment system that some frontward countries in Asia like Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore etc. are practicing. And it took a pandemic for the Philippines to start doing so. It’s becoming the norm now and way safer in terms of health and dealing with finances. Cake Rush accepts various types of digital payment. Super convenient!

Supporting Local Brands, Small and Home-Based Businesses
Cake Rush is partnered with 12 bakeries, all are local, and some are even small to medium enterprise. The brands include: Red Ribbon, Conti’s, Homebake Mom, Sweet Samthings, Fraiche Patisserie, Mommy Lucy's and more to come!

The One Stop Shop with The Best Quality and Cake Designs
The cakes that Cake Rush caters are sure to be of finest selection and from the best rated local bakers. Talk about Red Ribbon and Conti’s as brands that they carry. And some home-grown brands that are well-known by cake lovers. 

Easy to Use Website
The website is upfront and is to navigate. They already categorized the types of cakes so if you’re looking for something specific. Once you have decided what cake you want to order, you can proceed to selecting the date and time of delivery. You even have the option to get candles and add a personalized message on the card. Next step is to provide special instructions if you have any, and then proceed to providing your address and contact number. Then you can now proceed to delivery (which is FREE) and payment and voila! You’re done and just wait for your order to arrive. 

So, I’ve been so curious about this type of cheesecake called Basque Burnt Cheesecake, so I ordered the Blueberry Basque Cheesecake from Sweet Samthings via Cake Rush. Basque cheesecake is often called “burnt” cheesecake due to its iconic rich dark surface. Unlike American cheesecake, Basque cheesecake does not have a crust and made by baking it high and fast. This high temperature forms a caramelized exterior that serves as a natural crust for the cheesecake.

I loved it so much, it was rich and just pure cream cheese that has this semi-soft to whipped cream texture and layers. I personally love the extremes of it: the burnt part and the whipped cream. And of course, I was happy with the blueberry topping because I’ve always loved my cheesecake with it. 

No matter if you're looking for a birthday cake delivery or want to send a cake to an office party, Cake Rush is your cake shop to go with. Check them out, their details are down below. 

Contact Nos: +63 285555226
Email: info@cakerush.ph
Website: www.cakerush.ph

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  1. yan ang mga gusto ko...mga same day delivery. teka check ko nga ang payment options nila.

  2. Wow you are making my mouth so watery with this cake! This is what I love about the Philippines, you can get anything you want. Love these cakes!

  3. Wow, by just looking at the pictures, it makes me sooo hungry! how much more in person!Hopefully to taste their dessert! someday when Iget a chance o go back to Manila..!Those strawberry filled cake is amazing!!!

  4. Wow, this is a convenient option for ordering cakes! I might just try this for my baby's upcoming birthday. And that burnt cheesecake looks tempting.

  5. My sister is celebrating her birthday this month, try ko nga umorder ng cake sa Cake Rush, buti kasama Conti's dun kasi namin balak bumili.

  6. You had me at "free delivery"! HAHAH! And shucks I'm such a cake lover so this would be a great shop/site to explore! I'm looking forward to try Basque Burnt Cheesecake din... i've seen so many posts about it on my feed lately!

  7. Basque Burnt Cheesecake is so flavorful!! I love the taste of slightly burnt flavor that matches perfectly with cream and cheese.I will definitely try the version of cake rush because of your recomendation. Thank for the info.

  8. I love the history input here! I am with you on buying a cake when we feel like it. Everyday can be a celebration! hehe

  9. grabe!! naglaway ako ng bongga. never pa ako naka taste ng basque burnt cheesecake. looks so scrumptious the one in the photo. pati yung blue berry my ulitimate favorite. will check them out!

  10. I agree!! You dont need a birthday to have some sweet sweet cake! Hell, im even craving for one already right now. Maybe something fruity?

  11. Their cakes look delish and affordable pa. And great deal din yung free delivery across Metro Manila. Super sulit

  12. Cakerush looks like our next go to for my mom's birthday! While I have resorted to baking at home cause we can't go to our fave coffee shop for cakes, I think is is another great option for me if I am too tired to bake hahahaha !

  13. by just reading your post a seeing those mouth watering cakes makes me want to order

  14. i love cakes! lalo na yung red velvet<3 I agree na di na kailngan ng something to celebrate for para mag cake. Will check cake rush! Thanks <3

  15. Wow! First time to see a cake shop with website (except for the commercial ones). They also do good looking and yummy looking cakes. Kung easy access lang sana here sa province, I would like to give them a try.

  16. Andami mong time Jen! Ginutom mo ako sa post na ito at ang linis ng pictures mo! Ngayon ko lang narinig itong Cake Rush and I definitely have to check them out! Yummy!

  17. Wow buti they have same day delivery! Dito na ako bibili for Jay's birthday, pero we buy cake din kahit normal day lang, pag trip naming kumain ng cake 😊

  18. Yep, pag may cake may occasion! Pero hindi na ngayon, pa dessert at pa meryenda na lang ng cake. This only means we can turn an ordinary moments into someting special. =)

  19. This is very convenient. It's nice nakakapag adjust na mga business sa new normal. I love cakes especially chocolate cakes 😍


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