November 27, 2020

Satisfying my Chinese food cravings with Yang Chow Circulo Verde

When the lockdown started, although it’s a grim situation, part of me was happy that finally, I can now eat home-cooked meals. Something that I don’t experience a lot when things were normal, because most of my day was spent at work, and most times, I don’t get to eat what dishes were prepared at my mumma’s home. When I get home from work then they’re still asleep and I usually can’t wait for them to cook because I needed to go to sleep. 

But nowadays, I’m so much used to home-cooking that my taste buds are  looking for something else. So now, my current trip is to look for food or restaurants to try via Grab Food. One of which that caught my eye is Yang Chow. I haven’t eaten great tasting Chinese food for a long time since I only get them when I go to the mall or to Binondo. Yang Chow at that time was also one of the establishments that was offering free delivery, so I took advantage of that. 

I was browsing through their menu on Grab and I wanted to get so many dishes but decided to get the Imperial Sets instead so I can try different dishes without ordering so much. Below are what I added to my GrabFood basket: 

Empress Imperial Set – this set includes authentic Chinese lechon Macau, 2 pcs chunky siomai with shrimp balanced with mixed veggies and garlicky fried rice. Let’s start with the lechon Macau, serving is ok, the taste is good with the meat is tender and the skin is super crispy. I dipped it in Hoisin sauce which give more flavor. Both the mixed veggies and garlicky rice have that smoky flavor, you know that taste when a dish is cooked on high heat and on a wok. The siomais were good too!

King Imperial Set – this is their all-star meal that includes roast pork asado, mild spicy minced pork with eggplant, 2 pcs of wanton dumplings and one of their best sellers, beefy fried rice. I’d say this is the set that I enjoyed the most and if there’s a set that is me, this is it. I love Chinese pork asado and this receives a thumbs up from me. I loooove the mild spicy minced pork with eggplant! I’m not sure if I’ve eaten something similar in the past but I really like this, it has so much flavors and texture in it. When it comes to dumplings, I really like the ones with soft coverings (don’t know how to call it). And for the beef rice it was really flavorful, smoky and with bits of beef. 

Century Egg – not many people have a penchant for century eggs because it may taste weird or even gross for some. But I personally love it, I can eat 2 whole egg with one seating especially if it’s paired with seaweed. This was an add on and the price was cheap. 

In my opinion, their Imperial Sets are value for your money. Also that I was able to avail of the free delivery. So to my fellow East Siders, if you want to try something new or craving for Chinese food, the answer is Yang Chow Chinese Restaurant at Industria (it’s very near Eastwood). 

Industria Mall, 70 Calle Industria St., 
Brgy. Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 02-79009907 / 02-86389347/ 09154470765 

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
 Yang Chow Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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