August 19, 2020

Travelling Solo: Top Safety Tips for Female Travellers

Embarking on a solo adventure can be an exciting way to explore the world around you. While some people may think it's not safe for a woman to travel on her own and let alone to a foreign country, it's quite the opposite. With a good strategy and enough preparation, anyone can travel safely and not worry about having the best time ever.

Travel by day. If you’re still having doubts about going on a solo trip, we suggest you travel only by day. That is the best way to avoid dark roads, and prevent yourself from ending up off the beaten path. The fear of the dark can easily become more real than when you were a little girl if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere when it's pitch-black outside. Furthermore, it's less likely you'll come across a potential predator when you're travelling during the day. Look for a motel or any other kind of shelter during the night, and stay on the road only during daylight.

Stick to the cultural norms of the foreign country. Another way to stay safe on your trip is to blend in with the locals. Tourists are the most frequent targets, so it would be a good idea to research the way people in your destination country dress. The last thing you need is arriving in denim shorts and a tank top when everyone around you wears long skirts, and don’t reveal too much skin, for example. Not only will this practice keep you safe, but allow you to respect the culture and customs of foreign countries too.

Get your car serviced. Do you know how to change a flat tire? What about fixing the engine or radiator of your car? You’ll need to take the car to the mechanic’s and have all the parts checked and serviced before the trip. You should make sure you’re travelling in a fully-functional vehicle. If you do know a little bit about cars, then you’ll want to have a few spare parts for your Subaru with you just in case. You can easily fix up your Subaru with genuine parts you got online as long as you’re prepared. Don’t forget to have them ready in case you hit a sudden malfunction on the road. Sometimes, the most unforeseen events can occur, and the last thing you need is a car that can't be fixed quickly.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself. You’ll meet a variety of people as you travel. While some of them prefer to sit quietly, as you ride the train, others will look for every possible moment to chat with you. However, you’ll never be 100% sure what their intentions are, so you shouldn’t reveal too much about yourself. Never say that you’re travelling by yourself. If you notice that the person you’re talking to insists on finding out who you’re travelling with, simply say that you’re about to go and meet your boyfriend who’s in the bathroom. You two are getting off at the next stop, and you can easily sneak out. Just go to the next car and stay away from the stranger.

Drink in moderation. Even if you’re going to a party destination of your dreams, you should still be careful of how much you drink. If you get wasted, you're going to become an easy target for potential predators. You have to stay alert and cautious at all times when there's no friend to look after you. Therefore, drink in moderation and be aware of who you drink with. The last thing you need is a stranger slipping a drug in your drink.

Travelling solo can be super thrilling, but only if you're staying safe. Therefore, keep in mind the tips we've listed and had the most memorable adventure ever. Don't drink too much, don't reveal personal information, travel during the day, keep your car in good shape, and blend In with the locals to have the best trip ever and stay safe while you’re at it.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing these tips. Malaking tulong to sa mga gusto magtravel ng solo lalo na po kung first timer. 😊❤

  2. Thankyou for sharing these tips. Malaking tulong to sa mga gusto magtravel ng solo lalo na po kung first timer. 😊❤


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