July 25, 2020

Grill Your Favorite Pinoy BBQ at Home with Mang Ding’s Ready-to-Grill BBQ Packs!

Everyone was looking forward with excitement with the turn of the decade, the same feeling that we all felt in 2000 because of probably the promise of auspicious year. It felt like it was a reboot,  a jump off point again, a chance to do the things you might have somewhat botched in the past years. That was exactly what I was feeling. I had my plans laid out until half of the year. And then the whole world came to a halt.

I’m sorry, if this is always the start of almost any of my blogpost. But I’m just being realistic here. I don’t want to pretend everything is ok or everything is back to normal again. Because it is not. We are in different times and we have to accept and adapt to this thing called the new normal. With the no sign of hope to flatten the curve of cases of this stupid virus in the Philippines. I suddenly retreated to the shell I kept myself in when the start of the lockdown started. I don’t want to go out of my apartment that often again.

Seriously, I feel like 2020 and more specifically, this disease robbed us off of everything that we enjoy in life. Being with people, traveling, and most specially eating out. When this all started, I thought, well I finally have my wish granted, to eat home cooked meals all day every day. Because most times I live off of office pantry food, convenient store food or restaurant food. 

But as the months pass by, I started to miss eating out, eating the food that my family can’t cook at home. One of those food that I miss to eat is street food. As much as my family try to cook some of them at home like fish balls, squid balls, skewers and others; we can seem to achieve the ones we get from legit street food sellers. Especially, isaw or grilled pork and chicken intestines. It’s super effort to prep that at home. 

Last year, I was able to visit a restaurant that offers street food in a clean and delicious manner which is Mang Ding’s Pinoy BBQ in Marikina City – which I’ve written about here: Get Your Isaw And Grilled Meats Fix at Mang Ding's Pinoy Bbq - MarikinaAnd although I’m in somewhat low and apprehensive spirits, learning that during this pandemic, where they can’t welcome customers at their physical restaurant, they started to offer Ready-to-Grill BBQ packs. I was like, hallelujah! I can now buy, cook and eat pork BBQ and isaw at the comfort of my own home without exerting that much effort.

Mang Ding’s prides themselves with their malinis masarap at mura offerings. The Ready-to-Grill BBQs are prepped fresh and clean, frozen and vacuum sealed . Better to order a day ahead since these BBQs are packed on demand to ensure freshness. These Ready-to-Grill BBQs comes in packs of: 
- Pork Barbecue: Php 400 / 20 sticks
- Isaw Manok: Php 360 / 20 sticks
- Isaw Baboy: Php 450 / 20 sticks
- Chicken Tail: Php 550 / 20 pcs
- Chicken Barbecue: Php 390 / 3 pcs quarter leg (1 kilo)
- Chicharon Bulaklak: Php 280 (500 grams)
- Liempo: Php270 (500 grams)
- Rib Eye Steak: Php500 / 2 pcs (380 to 400 grams) 
- Mixed packs: Php 400 for 20pcs
- 10 pork BBQ + 5 isaw manok + 5 isaw baboy 
- 10 pork BBQ + 10 isaw manok
- 10 pork BBQ + 10 isaw baboy 

I can’t remember the last time I grilled something myself. But since I miss eating isaw, I took it upon myself to grill the skewers myself. I never thought it was so hard to turn coal into embers, but when they did and I started grilling, everything was great from then on. Mang Ding’s Ready-to-Grill BBQ packs comes complete with basting sauce, sauce, dips and cooking instructions, so all you really have to do is to put the meats on the grill, brush them with basting sauce constantly, turn regularly until they are cooked. I think I deserve the title Grill Queen after grilling my pork BBQs and isaws hahahaha! I super enjoyed grilling my meats.

Even though I was the one who grilled the skewers, since Mang Ding’s already marinated these meats with their special marinade and that they come with the basting sauce, the meats retained the taste that I remember for when I dined in at their restaurant. Although mine were a little charred here and there, I didn’t mind because, BBQ isn’t BBQ without those charred parts and the taste of smoke right?! If you don’t have a charcoal grill you can check out how my friends cooked their Mang Ding’s Ready-to-Grill BBQ packs at home by checking out beingjellybeans.com cooking hers pan grilled and alwaystehfunnygirl’s cooking hers using a turbo broiler.

Mang Ding’s offers safe cashless payments via BPI, BDO and GCash. They offer delivery within Marikina, personal Pickup, or Pickup Via Courier and GrabFood. Moreover, you can also order ala-carte dishes from their regular menu. You can find more information, like their full menu on their social media information that I’ve written below. 

Shoe Ave, Sta. Elena Marikina 
Buenviaje St, Sto Niño Marikina 
Facebook: facebook.com/mangdings
Instagram: instagram.com/mangdingspinoy⁣

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Mang Ding's Pinoy BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. WoW! Ready to grill na perfect eating at home 😍 Nakakamiss kumain ng street foods yan talaga hinahanap-hanap ng mga pinoy like me i love eating these lalo na isaw is one of the best 🤤😋😍

  2. WoW! Ready to grill na perfect eating at home 😍 Nakakamiss kumain ng street foods yan talaga hinahanap-hanap ng mga pinoy like me i love eating these lalo na isaw is one of the best 🤤😋😍

  3. Perfectly grilled!! Chicken Isaw will always be the most iconic pinoy streetfood for me!! Sarap 🤤🤤

  4. miss na miss ko na mag BBQ lalo na yung isaw😋😍🤤

  5. Hayy. . Grabe tlga to pandemic n to inalisan po tyu ng freedom, freedom to eat outside hang out w/friends family. And madami nawalan ng work. .hoping to end this so soon. 🙏
    And the Mang dings BBQ kahit hnd ko p po natitikman sa tingin ko plang sobra sarap na and as u said po maam malinis sya and very safe kainin. Sana mkakain dn ako jan someday. Godbless po. 😊

  6. Rachelle MaeJuly 26, 2020

    Wow what a delicious topic, I missed eating BBQ.

  7. Sobrang affordable lang ah�� fave ko din yan lalo na yung isaw����

  8. Street food is one of the common food we see outside home and even me I missed eating this kind of grilled chicken and isaw... It's really yummy and affordable, every family will enjoy this...

  9. street foods are my favorite comfort food. Bbq and isaw are the best food that was invented. grabeeee i am drooling especially the good photos taken makes me want it more ��������

  10. super delicious. i love the food and how it was taken. �� drooling rn i iove itttt

  11. Thank you for sharing this amazing and delicious topic with us. I would definitely try this at home for sure and not to mention BBQ is my favorite ����
    Even now I miss eating this which reminds me old days

  12. rhema budayaoJuly 26, 2020

    woww this is one of my favee sobrang sarap��

  13. rhema budayaoJuly 26, 2020

    wowww sobrang yummy nyan one of my fave din

  14. Woah nakakamiss ang ganitong pagkain at satisfied kana sa murang halaga, but for now hoping for the better days to enjoy street foods again🙏🏻😊

  15. Yunh ISAW NG MANOK TALAGA EH😲 Nakakagutom lalo hehe. Sana matry ko to💕

  16. Wow one of my favorite food ang sarap nito. Saka mga street food is number na masarap. Filipino food talaga. ❤️

  17. Wow one of my favourite food. Ito ying mga trip kong food sa street. Napakasarap and sulit na food. 20 pesos po busog kana.

  18. Wow one of my favorite food ang sarap nito. Saka mga street food is number na masarap. Filipino food talaga. ❤️

  19. Thankyou for this pooo❤️

  20. Wow Ang sarap sarap naman iba talaga ang dating nang pagkaing Pinoy katakam takam nakakalimot magdiet pag ganito

  21. OMG SUPER MOUTHWATERING!!!! I WANT RO TRY THIS!!! Super miss ko na talaga because of pandemic wala cant have ome grabe.

  22. Making grilled barbecue in yoir own is a great experience especially if you know that it will turn out very great! I read about this first in your Instagram account and I loved it here and there ��.

  23. Sarah MallariJuly 26, 2020

    Would Superlove to try all these..Very Hassle Free looks yum and so affordable.Bagay kahit anong occasion or just for ulam perfect! ����

  24. Rainel LaspinasJuly 26, 2020

    Thank You for Sharing this delicious recipe of barbeque. I really love this and really cheap. Street Foods are one of my favorites! Thank You and God Bless!

  25. AnonymousJuly 26, 2020

    Great and amazing ���� food.good for family bonds boodle figth and piknik...

  26. Kristine QuipitJuly 26, 2020

    Wow,love this, ready to grill na and so affordable��
    Nakakamiss tuloy kumain ng Bbq lalo na yung isaw��

  27. Kristine QuipitJuly 26, 2020

    Wow! Love this,ready to grill na and so affordable❤ super favorite ko po ito
    Nakakamiss tuloy kumain ng Bbq

  28. Nakakamis itong isaw ah 😍

  29. Nakakamis itong isaw ah 😍

  30. wow!I love this, ready to grill na and so affordable�� fav. Ko itong iulam. Nakakamiss tuloy kumain ng Bbq

  31. Wow! Love these, ready to grill na and so affordable😍 nakakamiss tuloy kumain ng Bbq lalo na yung pork bbq❤❤

  32. It really looks delicious and juicy,good for family bonding really enjoy eating this.thanks for sharing.

  33. It is really delicious and juicy,good for family bonding and sharing...enjoy eating!thanks for sharing this

  34. Perfect Yan sa handaan at kahit sa picnic in din! :)

  35. Nakakamiss kumain ng BBQ woaaaah!!! It is very affordable and yummy 💙 Gusto ko na ulit kumain nitooooo 😕


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