May 1, 2016

Staycation: Midas Hotel and Casino - Pasay City

I’m a girl who would usually go out on weekends. I love to make most of my weekends because I spend most of my weekdays at work which leaves me so burned out most of the time. I always look forward to weekends where I would usually attend blog-related events, go to the mall, or do other meaningful activities with friends and/or family. But once in a while it’s nice to just chill at home or if better do a staycation somewhere. And a few weeks ago, that’s exactly what I did.

I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a free accommodation at Midas Hotel and Casino through being a Zomato food/restaurant reviewer. Of course, to make it a lot more fun, I invited my sister and closest girlfriends to join me for a night of relaxation and girl-bonding. 

I remember Midas Hotel that it was Hyatt Hotel which I’ve been to before. It was renovated and re-branded a few years ago. It is located along the service road of Roxas Blvd. just beside the Japan Embassy. It’s easily accessible and transportation to Midas practically easy. It is just 5 minutes or less away from SM Mall of Asia and the business districts in Pasay City and Manila City.

Although they do not have a grand drop off area like most top hotels in Metro Manila, their lobby is quite majestic. I love the high ceiling and the huge open space with the orange (maybe representative of gold) and the sparkling decors.

In every place that you go to, the lobby always sets the mood for your visit or stay; and Midas Hotel’s lobby gave me a great preview of what I am to experience for our staycation. You can find a café, a boutique, the front desk and the entrance to the hotel casino at the lobby area.

The Room
The room that we occupied was an Executive Room on the 9th floor. The motifs in the Executive Rooms are simple, elegant and tasteful, with warm and inviting earth colors. And man, it was huge compared to the other hotel rooms I’ve been to. 

There’s an ultra comfy king size bed with feather-filled pillows, a huge day bed, two side tables with lamps. On the other side of the room is a long desk that occupies almost the entire wall with mirror panels, flat screen TV, writing and reading materials.  And the iconic ghost chair by Philippe Starck, which I am so in-love with!

The split-type air-con was working good too, which was a relief because this summer is super hot and humid; the hottest the Philippines have experienced in years! There’s also a mini bar and tea/coffee making facility and a personal ref available inside the room. I love that the complimentary teas that they have are from TWG. There’s an array of drinks and alcoholic beverages that you can choose from too. 

The aptly-sized and well-organized closet is a bit small packed with essentials. Slippers, robes, bath towels, laundry and shoe bags are tucked inside. I was surprised to find a complete ironing set inside the closet which is pretty nice especially for business travelers, though we didn’t got a chance to use it. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors were awesome. Linens, robes and towels were fresh, clean and stainless, btw.

There's also a balcony/veranda which is overlooking the courtyard of the Japan Embassy and the nearby Manila City. Too bad though that the famous Manila sunset was obscured by the high-risers being built along Roxas Blvd. The  Wi-Fi  connection was the downside, it was often slow, unreliable and we always get disconnected (are they using Globe? LOL!), good thing we have mobile data on our phones, so we don't really mind.

The Comfort Room
Whenever I stay in a place, the comfort room is always a concern for me. A place's CR will always give away  the standards and quality being set in that establishment. It's a good thing that the Executive room where we stayed at didn't disappoint. 

It may be a bit cramped-up and there's only a tinted glass door that separates the sink from the toilet and bath,  but we were ok with it; especially that I was staying here with people I am super close to. Though the shower and bathtub is all in one. But talk about luxury, the bathroom toiletries are well organized and most are L'Occitane products and rain shower heads are my faves!


Since there's no swimming pool in the hotel (which was quite a bummer...) my sister and I decided to just chill in the bath tub, fill it with warm water and made a bubble bath out of the L'Occitane shower gel while we drink tea and iced coffee and made Snap Chat videos. It would have been fun if they had a swimming pool, but one of the staff told us that it's in the works, so yeah maybe on out next stay we can enjoy that.

The Complimentary Buffet Breakfast
Like most hotel accommodations, our stay at Midas came with 2 complimentary  breakfast buffet. The buffet can be availed at the Midas Cafe which is located at the second floor of the hotel. I've been to Midas Cafe once and enjoyed their lunch buffet which you I reviewed a couple of weeks back and you can read about it here: Midas Cafe

Like their lunch/dinner buffet, the breakfast buffet had a wide array of local and international entries to choose from. From well-loved Filipino breakfasts, to cereals, salads, pastries, toasts, pancakes, fresh fruits, eggs and et. al.

What I enjoyed the most though were the unlimited supply of bacon! I mean,who doesn't love bacon? Although the bacon that they served was on the crispy side, it was ok too even though I like my bacon fried just right.

Also, the brewed coffee and the Danish tarts cannot be missed. And oh! the pancakes too! Where you can put any topping that you want from an array of choices available. I made mine swim in maple syrup and topped it with a spoonful of butter, strawberry and blueberry jams and threw in some pistachio nuts on them too!

The Executive Lounge
The executive rooms are situated in floors 8th to 10th and there's an Executive Lounge at the 9th floor which was just a few steps away from our room. The Midas Executive Lounge offers guests a relaxed ambiance and host of complimentary benefits. The signature lounge is a private haven of uniqueness and exclusivity, specially reserved for Executive Room and Executive Suite guests.

This is where most VIPs lounge around, have their buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner. I don't know why we didn't visit it the night that we were there, since it says on their website that guests from the executive rooms can go here. But after our breakfast, my friend and I checked it out and no one's there actually besides the staff. I didn't asked if we can have our breakfast there since were staying at one of the executive rooms. Anyway, I took photos of the lounge and by the way it looks, it is really fit for VIPs and businessmen who wants to have a quieter place to stay while at the hotel and outside of their rooms.

The Fresh Flowers
Besides, the pretty nice room and service (which I will get on to in a bit), what I noticed and love about Midas Hotel is that they use fresh flowers to decorate the rooms, the lobby, the cafe tables and other areas (even on the bathroom sink). It's really a nice and fresh touch actually, it gives a warm feeling and brightens up anyone's mood. I give Midas Hotel kudos for this practice of using fresh flowers instead of plastics ones. 

The Service
Of course you got to talk about the service; it’s what most guests usually tend to be nit-picky when staying at a hotel, especially if you’re checking-in in a well-known hotel. Check-in was a breeze and the front desk staff and bellboys were very helpful. The bellboy even carried our bags while he assisted us to our room. The hotel shift manager even visited us in our room and told us that we should not hesitate to call if we need anything or any help.

We were surprised that they even went out of their way to surprise me with red velvet cake, fruits and a bottle of wine us welcome gifts. It was so sweet of them to do such a gesture; especially that red velvet is one of my faves. 

We also had to ask for ice cubes several times and they always delivered. Also, only 2 complimentary water were given as part of the accommodation, so we called if they can send us up a pitcher of regular water, instead of giving us one, they sent over a couple of bottled mineral water. Moreover, there wasn’t any hair dryer available inside the room but when we asked for one, a few minutes later a staff showed up at our door and handed us one. 

Check out took a little while though; which I understand since they have to see if the room was not trashed (just kidding…) and /or if we consumed any of the bar items. All in all I must say the service at Midas Hotel was great. 

Truly, if a weekend was well spent, it brings a week of content. That weekend was great! I got to spend it with a bonding sesh with my lovely friends/sisters, doing all sorts of crazy and fun stuff, a lot of catching up and shared laughters. Thanks for making it happen Midas Hotel and Casino! 

2702 Roxas Boulevard, Libertad, 
Pasay City, Phillipines
Contact No: (02) 902 0100

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