May 10, 2016

Stay Classy with Dezzal

Have you ever given it a thought on what really is your fashion style? I have been thinking about what mine really is and up until now I still can't put my finger on what type of style I am projecting or what I want. All I am sure about is that I love pretty things and as much as possible I want to keep it classy and never hoochy.
Yes once in awhile I go with what's the latest trend and wear something sexy or something that shows more skin than usual. But if you will rummage through my wardrobe you will find I have lots of items of clothing that are of basic cuts, style and color. This is because they are my everyday wearables for work or on casual days.

As for the brands I wear, there is nothing particular. I do have my favorites though but I am never confined to them. Well if you ask me, if I am to wear any brand or designer for the rest of my life, I would choose to wear Elie Saab dresses for the rest of my entire life! LOL! It is a bit over the top to wear gorgeous dresses like everyday but it's just a dream and probably won't happen in this lifetime... well, it might happen, who knows...
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Anyway, I recently stumbled upon this website that offers super classy and stylish dresses that are somewhat close to designer stuff. The name of the site is Dezzal. Dezzal is your one-stop fashion shopping destination full of surprises, style and pure inspiration. Dezzal not only offers premium boutique wear from its own talented in-house designers, but also a sensational collection of carefully-selected designer brands. Their fashion scope is edgy yet complementary: by embracing a truly international vision, they quickly spot styles that will become future trends and make them available to their customers worldwide.
Check out these lovely pieces I found on their site and oh yes! They are all going straight to my wishlist cart! 
Designer: YEEIOU
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Designer: D.FANNI
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Designer: OLiSi
 a / b / c / d

I really really really like the items that they are offering. If I have the chance I will purchase like 20 items from this site all at once! I love that they have their in-house designers. And I believe you are going to agree with me when I say that they do have a lot of drool worthy, oh so super classy and ultra stylish clothing pieces.
You can check their other items by clicking on this link: Go ahead... I know you want to... Give in to it! And you might just realize you have finally found what your fashion style is.
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