May 29, 2016

An Ode To Summer...

I am mourning, grieving and depressed... Ok, I am just exaggerating. But yes, I am a bit sad that the summer season has ended in this part of the world. I will never be fond of the cold, gloomy rainy season no matter how people will convince me that it's better because the weather ain't that hot and humid. I am a summer kind of girl and no one can ever change that.

It's frustrating that I was not able to lay my feet on soft white sand this summer because I'm so tied up with work and that my friends are really good at just being excited about our beach plans nothing materialized. LOL! Anyway, the good thing about living in the Philippines is that you can always hop in to a car or bus and go to the nearest beach. We got 7,107 islands and you can never run out of beaches to choose from. Also that since it lies in the tropics, the weather is, most often than not, beach-perfect.

Shopping for outfits will always be in consideration of the all-year tropical weather. To be honest, even if it's not summer, if I see a swimsuit or a sundress that I like, it's most likely that I buy them for later use. I recently went into an online window shopping spree at and I want to share them with you all my lovely heliophiles out there!

This is basically my wish list from Sammydress which is composed of swimwear, dresses, rompers and accessories which all of course don’t fall short for the summer season. 

Floral Print Camisole Women's Playsuit
Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Pineapple Print Casual Romper 
Plunging Neck Multi Convertible Way Backless Skirted Romper

Multilayer Faux Turquoise Rhinestone Cross Sweater Chain  
Triangle Layered Body Chain  
Multi-Layered Belly Chain 

V-Neck Sleeveless Furcal Dress
Halter Sleeveless Floral Print Backless Dress    
Halter Sleeveless Ombre Color High Slit Women's Maxi Dress

Halter Printed Double Side Wear Bikini Set
Vintage Striped Halter One-Piece Swimwear

Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap Lace-Up Striped A-Line Dress  

I will always be grateful that I am born in a country where it’s sunny and happy almost all-year round. I might wander off away from it in the very near future but I know my heart will always bring me back to it. I will always love wearing light, comfy and tropical-weather worthy clothing items. This is me giving a salute to summer, ‘til next year…

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