May 11, 2016

7 Flavors: World Fusion Buffet

Ahhhh... the buffet life... lots of food for a little price...  And man oh man, Manila's buffet food scene has grown so much these past couple of years. Almost every kind of buffet style or theme has emerged in every corner of the metro. There are Korean buffets, Japanese buffets, dessert buffets and of course the international dishes buffet.

Who doesn't love buffets? I know I do! Well as for me, since I am a fan of japanese food, it's where I head straight to whenever I go to a buffet restaurant.Then I go to the other dishes that I don't usually get to eat. I usually veer away from Filipino dishes, unless I am craving for something. yet most of the time, I feel overwhelmed with the so many dishes that are in front of me; but I still get so much value for my money.

Speaking of buffet restaurants, I was privileged to be invited (twice this month actually) to this fairly new buffet restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan which is partly owned by a local celebrity chef Boy Logro. The restaurant is named 7 Flavors. The whole establishment is composed of three different areas. 7 Flavors have an artisan bakery which is the front of the lot, a gourmet cafe on the ground floor and a world fusion buffet restaurant on the second floor.

The place is located in A. Mabini St. which is a less busy area of Greenhills but is near Wilson St. (where a lot of food establishments can be found). Ample parking is available and a quieter and serene dining environment is being offered. The ambiance and lighting of the restaurant is sophisticated, clean and inviting.

We got to try the dishes being offered at the buffet area but was also toured around the gourmet cafe where they offer ala carte dishes and a singer plays acoustic music on weekend nights. Enclosed  with glass panel rooms are also available for mini functions and small gatherings if you want some little privacy. They have free Wi-Fi too, so if you're like us who loves to take photos of food or snap-chatting, internet connection ain't gonna be one of your problems. 

There are 4 serving tables, yes, only 4 serving tables unlike in other mainstream buffet restaurants that you get so confused whether where to start and then you eventually get lost. Just kidding. Anyway, the first table offers appetizers: salads, pica-picas, soup, fresh fruits, cold cuts, tacos etc. 

The second table is where the main dishes are. The dishes actually varies but the mainstays include: Kare-Kare (ox tripe and beef peanut stew); Spicy Salmon Head, Asparagus Chicken, Meatballs, Stir Fry Tofu and Veggies and Napoleon Veggies.

On the third table is a mixture of Japanese dishes and sushi, grilled items and roast beef. 

The fourth table is what everybody loves: desserts and drinks! Their desserts vary everytime and so are the drinks. But rest assured everything is always refilled. They also offer ice cream and halo-halo  btw!

Thoughts/ Verdicts / Favorites:
- Most of the dishes are a variety of Filipino and Chinese dishes which is pretty close to ours hearts. And some other international dishes inserted here and there.

- The tacos are great! The home made shell is crispy, light and non-greasy. The meat was very flavorful and since it's a buffet I get to put as much dressing and cheese onto my taco!

- For the main dishes my favorites are: Kare-Kare, Stir Fry Tofu and Veggies, Napoleon Veggies, Steamed Fish and Roast beef. the kare-kare used ox tripe and beef which were very tender and easy to eat. Tofu is my favorite and I love how it was cooked Chinese style. The Napoleon veggies reminds me of vegetable lasagna with loads and loads of cream cheese. Love that the Steamed Fish had so much toasted garlic. And of course, how can you go wrong with roast beef?

-All their dishes are hand or home made by their in house chefs. The sushi chef of 7 flavors have been a sushi chef for a decade already. I love the sushi at 7 Flavors especially the Strawberry Philadelphia sushi which had strawberry jam in it. I think it was everyone's favorite among all the other sushis. Salmon sashimi is also available, which I am a sucker of.

- I love their desserts! My favorites are: French macarons, Red Velvet cake, Mango Sago,Yema Cake and Mango and Cream cake. I was surprised about the taste of their French macarons which was really so good. You don't always see macarons being offered in most buffet restaurants except for the high-end ones. The Red Velvet cake was moist and the cream icing was superb. By the way, they have an in-house pastry chef who makes all these desserts and they are not from a concessionaire.

-The staff are very helpful and accommodating as well. We also got to talk to one of the owners,  Mr. Kenneth Hung and he was very open to our feedback; which is very important for any business since this is how you will know how your clients are receiving what you have to offer and on all occasions there is always room for improvement. And I know our comments did not landed on deaf ears.

- Their selections might be less than from the other buffet restaurants that we are used to but the prices of their buffet (Mon-Thu: Lunch PHP400 / Dinner PHP 500; Fri-Sun/Holidays Lunch & Dinner 600) for me is pretty cheap for the quality and amount of food that one can enjoy. Moreover, their location is in the heart of Greenhills where a lot of competitive and high-end restaurants are to be found in every corner. So I guess, dining here and enjoying buffet is super worth one's money.

Will I go back? Definitely! Will I recommend it to friends and to other people? Of course! Like I said, whether you're a Filipino who's naturally have a huge appetite or anyone, buffet life is an awesome life!

7 FLAVORS: Bakery. Gourmet Cafe: Buffet
196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, 
Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines
Contact Nos: 02-2469069 ext: 681/ 5430325 / 
7210653/ 5036750/ 09176700291 / 09334177387

For more information, full menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
7Flavors Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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