May 6, 2016

Trendy Vacations: Lose Yourself in Exotic Beauty

If you are searching for a holiday place with unsurpassed beauty and exotic beaches brimming with wildlife but which are yet serene, there is no better thing to do than book a flight to New Caledonia. The area’s lagoons have been renowned as a World Heritage site due to its natural wonders and biodiversity. The history and culture of the place will keep you entertained throughout the entire holiday, so wait no more to pick your perfect holiday this season.

Exotic History and Culture
What makes New Caledonia exotic, apart from its magnificent natural wonders are extraordinary history and rich culture. The area has been an overseas territory of France since 1956. It does not come as surprising because everywhere you look you will get the impression you are strolling along French riviera. The cuisine itself is mostly French so apart from sun-kissed beaches and the Pacific heavenly weather nothing will make you think you were not in France. 

Locals will amaze you. Although they speak their own languages you could hardly understand, they are fully fluent in French. Not knowing French will not be an obstacle to spending some wonderful time with locals – they speak English too and are definitely willing to meet some new people and tell them all about their extraordinary history. They love engaging others in their unusual activities so you will be making arts and crafts and taking part in the traditional dance in no time. There is one thing New Caledonia people are keen on – having fun!  You are at the right place to have the time of your life.

What to See Out There
When you decide to visit New Caledonia you will have a hard time choosing the most interesting places to explore because there will be too many of them to include in your agenda. However, if you do not feel confident enough that you will make the right choice, you can always choose New Caledonia packages because those experts will know what to show you and you will not have to worry about where to go, what to see and at which place to stay – they will have everything covered for you.

Still, there are some of the places you definitely do not want to miss – beaches. If you are willing to meet lots of people and have some fun, then Baie des Citrons is the beach you need. The largest number of tourists come here to enjoy the peaceful waters and to have fun with other people around them.  Nevertheless, if you seek some intimate atmosphere, Kendu beach is all you need. It is completely sandy and you will soon get the impression of being the only one out there. No stress is allowed to enter this beach so in no time you will get an energy lift and an overall mood boost. 

What to Try Out
Have an active holiday. Go for water activities. These eco-friendly sports will be great for your body and mind. As you explore the sights by surfing your muscles will get toned and posture improved whereas stress levels will drop. Choose stand up paddle boarding and realize why the Locals love this sport so much. To explore the wildlife go scuba diving and be ready to be amazed by thousands of species. If you would like to see as much as you can of the islands, choose hiking. This will cause no harm to the environment and it will only do good to your health.

Explore the French brands shopping area called Rue de SĂ©bastopol. Petit Bateau, Yves Rocher, Etam, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dior – name it, you will find them all here.

Hit the nightclubs and have the time of your life. New Caledonia is the new best place for going out and experiencing some positive vibes from the locals so grab your dancing shoes and listen to the tune!


After all these activities, you need to try wonderful spas of New Caledonia. These are equipped with numerous facilities so do not forget to try saunas, swimming pools and massages.

If you are looking for a perfect place to have an exotic holiday brimming with natural wonders and lots of activities, book a holiday in New Caledonia where you will indulge in all sorts of beauties for your body and mind.
 Guest Post by: Cristina Nika Kask

Cristina is a blogger from HIGH STYLE LIFE. She's an aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger from Sydney. Making guest appearances on fashion blogs, trying to establish herself in the world of fashion blogging and becoming an important part of the ever growing community.

Thanks alot for this article Cristina!

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