May 26, 2016

I Got Whipped!!!

I love beauty products and treatments that are all-natural. I am a self-confessed DIY-er and I have tried a lot of home-made beauty solutions and remedies which are all effective so far. Well, these natural beauty enhancing products have been tried tested even dating back to ancient times. Like the use of sugar, honey and lemon to enhance one's skin condition.

I love that there has been a recent trend of business ventures that are embracing the concept of food and integrating them into beauty services and such. Just like this newly opened waxing and scrub salon in BGC named Whipped.

The first time you hear about Whipped, what will come to your mind is whip cream or some sort of dessert. Lo and behold, the place did look like it was not a place where you'll get your waxing services; from the store logo, to the facade up to the interiors it looked more like a dessert or ice cream parlor rather than a waxing salon.  

The colors used were very lively; the decoration and furniture were also candy-tones. Yet nothing too over-the top but definitely a treat to the eyes. Their treatment rooms were clean and the towels laid on the beds smelled fresh and new. 

The staff was very accommodating and polite too. My sugar technician assisted me to the treatment room and I told her the services that I am availing that day and she told me to remove my top, lie on the bed and cover myself with one of the towels and that she will just get the wax and will be back in a bit. 

She returned with mini cups which contained the room-temp sugar waxes. I stopped availing of any hot wax services because I got burned once so I switched to cold waxing and then started to look for sugar waxing because of great reviews. Whipped uses the cold wax technique, which is a made of melted sugar and lemon juice. It's all natural and less painful too than other types of waxing or threading. 

I was surprised that the sugar technician did not remove my face and eyebrow make up; she said the wax would still adhere and will still remove the hair. Same goes for my underarm, she did not wiped off my deodorant. I was surprised that the wax did adhere and removed my excess eyebrow hairs and my underarm hairs. What's also surprising is that my underarm hairs were still too short but a lot of them were removed and minimal plucking was done to both my eyebrows and underarm. 

I was not able to take a video while I was being waxed. But I grabbed videos from Cess of so you guys could see how it's done.

It was my first time to experience that with waxing. Most waxing salon won't continue with the procedure if the hairs are too short. But with Whipped's sugar wax, it's not a problem at all! I was a bit amazed to be honest. There was also very minimal redness and pain after the procedure. 

The staff also know what they are doing and even suggesting what's best for my eyebrows. This is because I wanted to have my eyebrows to be a little lower or nearer to my eyes than it is now. The sugar technician suggested that everytime I have my eyebrows waxed I should tell the staff to just clean the upper part and let the lower hairs grow so that they can be re-shaped to my liking on my next visits. 


Also, it took the sugarist like around 10-15 minutes top for both my eyebrows and underarm to get waxed; which is pretty fast if I may say so. Oh and their wax smells sooo yummy too! Reminds me of caramel and toffee. Whipped also offers body scrubbing and has scrubs in strawberry, tangerine and bamboo sugar cane flavors. All smells so good! I will try their scrubbing services on my next visit though. 

Check out their dessert and food inspired service menu which caters to both genders too! Btw, I suggest you make an appointment before availing of their services to make sure you get attended to with less waiting time. #GetWhippedSoon!

-3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces
-2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
-2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center, BGC, Taguig
Contact Nos: 0917-2405330 / 931-1288

p.s. Some photos were taken from Whipped's Facebook page. 

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  1. Parang ang sarap naman nyang pinapahid nila sau! :D

  2. yes babe hehehe parang toffee soft candy nga hitsura eh lol


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