November 21, 2015 Cyber Monday Sale

I never met a girl in my life who says she's have had enough clothes she doesn't need a new one especially if a new trend comes up for the current season. For someone who loves fashion, I am one of those girls you can never tell don't buy that cute dress or that pair of flats. But I always know better, I am a cheapskate, and I wait until the Sale season before I get me those what I like. I don't dive in and shop like a maniac, I was ever an impulse buyer. I usually save some money for something I want to purchase and I take great advantage of sales, promotions, discounts and coupon codes. 

The new year is just a few days away, and at this point if I do some shopping online, I don't think they can get to me by Christmas. Everywhere is congested heck even the post office and courier service offices for sure. But it pays well to be patient and save than splurge. 

Just like this for this coming Cyber Monday Sale at SheIn. Where everything at the site is mostly, if not all, already discounted. And you still get more savings from buying more. Like getting 34% off of if you order over US$59 from to by using the code: SHOP34 or take 36% off for orders over US$109  by using the coupon: SHOP36 and get 38% off for purchases over US$209 if you use the coupon code:: SHOP38
Check out these pieces I've round up from the SheIN Cyber Monday Sale:

>> Grey Batwing Sleeve High Neck Dress (click here for more details)
>>  Burgundy Long Sleeve Pockets Dress (click here for more details)

>> Apricot Sleeveless Lapel Vest (click here for more details)
>> Burgundy Long Sleeve Pockets Coat (click here for more details)

>> Dark Green Long Sleeve Casual Dress (click here for more details)
>> Grey Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress (click here for more details)

>> Light Grey White Long Sleeve Line Print Cardigan (click here for more details)
>>  Hooded Drawstring Boyfriend Jean Coat (click here for more details)

>> Brown White Long Sleeve Color Block Sweater (click here for more details)
>> Open Shoulder Long Sleeve Burgundy T-shirt (click here for more details)

Have a guilt-free shopping spree on Cyber Monday and go check out the entire collection by clicking the photo and links below:
Good news for you!
The spree before cyber Monday.
Tons of guilt-free shopping!
Seize the chance, fashion lovers!
Take 34% OFF Over US$59 Code:SHOP34
Take 36% OFF Over US$109 Code:SHOP36
Take 38% OFF Over US$209 Code:SHOP38
Ends: November/26

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