November 5, 2015

Pastel Proms

Proms in my country can be formal or casual. During my junior and senior year prom, I can honestly say that I wasn't able to give a great thought about what I wore. I would probably burn all the photos of me during those proms because I was wearing outfits that were not very well put together.  (So harsh, I know...) How I wish there were more stylish clothing stores like today that sell beautiful prom dresses back then.

Back in highschool we were supposed to have a grad ball at some well-known hotel’s ballroom but it didn't push thru. It would have been great if it did took place because as far as I can remember it was planned to be a black tie event and all the female students should have worn long prom dresses and male students would be in their best suits and tuxedos.

If I can go back in time during the two proms I had experienced and if the grad ball had happened, I would probably pick a Long Prom Dress in pastel colors. Many think that black is always the color of choice for formal events, but if you want to look and feel young and refreshing, you may want to choose a gown in a pastel color.

For sure many girls will play it safe and choose a neutral color. But if standing out is the goal in mind, then wearing a prom dress in a pastel color is the way to go. Imagine walking in a ballroom with full of people wearing black and you in that vibrant-colored gown, you would definitely be the center of attention.

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So what do you think of wearing a prom dress in a pastel color and my picks?

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