November 11, 2015 Haul + Review

So the holidays is just around the corner, Christmas is exactly 43 days as of writing this post and I'm already excited to bits! I used to not like the holidays because of several unhappy memories I've had in the past that happened 'tis season of the year. Can you even believe that some of the things I couldn't imagine would happen to me happened when it's about the most wonderful time of the year? Ironic right? But as I grew older and matured, I learned one valuable lesson in life, that is to be GRATEFUL. Yes, in all circumstances, be grateful; then you'll be amazed how God can and will pour more blessings to you -- that you can't even imagine possible. Blessings so awesome, all the painful events of the past will no longer affect you. 

Going back, since it's the holidays, I know my calendar will be jampacked with parties, get-togethers and reunions. Being the person that I am, I always make it a point to always dress up well for these occasions. My motto when it comes to fashion and style is "to always look your best because you'll never know who you'll bump into." BUT (yes there's a but) I make sure I don't burn my pocket and budget well to still look fashionable. 

So when when I came across, I can't believe how affordable their items were. Thus, I was easily enticed to get a piece or two from their site, just to try a few and see the quality first. If the items turn out to be of good or even acceptable quality then I might purchase more from this site, for myself and for loved ones and friends as gifts. supplies the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies' apparel internationally. They understand that fashion market wants unique and special women's clothes, so they are always adding beautiful new styles to their collection. They pride on offering exceptionally  low priced items but of good quality at the same time. They have large quantity of clients especially from: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Africa, Egpyt, USA, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. offer large variety of merchandise including: Women's clothing, Men's clothing, Kidswear, Lingerie, Bags, Shoes, Accessories and even home and electronics items. They are one of the most reliable fashion retailers. 
So here's what I got from Wholesalebuying, each item was individually wrapped with a plastic:

Fashion Women Chiffon O-Neck Sleeveless High Waist Splice Tank Maxi Dress

I got this dress especially for any semi-formal or even formal occassion that I will attend this coming holidays and just threw in a jacket or blazer over it to keep me warm. This item is such a versatile piece because I also think I can wear this for this coming summer too. Heck, even year-round!

Quality: The dress is made of chiffon so it's pretty lightweight. The top part is also printed chiffon not embroidery though but I like the print it's very tribal and is spot-on in trend. As for the make, there are some somewhat crumpled areas near where the zipper was sewn but that can be fixed by ironing out that area. The skirt part also have a lining so no need to wear a cami underneath it. All in all, the quality is acceptable.

Fit: I got the XL size. Since I am busty and have wide hips I usually get the largest size and just do some alterations to make it fit well. As for this dress, it fits me like  glove. Although the length of the skirt part is too long for my height nonetheless I can easily fix that and cut it to the perfect length. 

Sexy Women's Strap Padded One Piece Bandage Bikini Beach Swimsuit Swimwear

Even though I know I won't be going to the beach or some pool party this coming holiday (I live in a tropical country and we have 365 days of summer, though it is quite cold during the last quarter of the year) I chose this swimsuit because this has been in my wishlist for so long. But other clothing sites that offer this swimsuit price it quite high, I was not able to purchase it until I saw it being offered at Wholesalebuying. This swimsuit is my gift to myself, for Christmas, so I can cross it in my wishlist. In that effect, I will have no problem for swimsuit searching for the summer up ahead. 

Quality: I love the quality of this swimsuit. The material used is a good kind of spandex cloth that is thick and stretch enough to fit my body. It also has a built-in bra pads but they can't be removed. I would probably cut a hole on the side where the bra pads are to take them out when I wash the swimsuit. The back part is such a unique design but it isn't as low as the one pictured above, it is backless only until the mid back which is fine with me actually. This swimsuit is just sleek and sexy without going overboard.

Fit: I love the fit but since I already gained so much weight, some areas of my fatty back bulges hahaha! I would probably need to do some exercise before I plan to wear it this summer. The lower portion has a high cut style to it, which I don't think I'll be able to carry wearing. So I would probably wear a bottom cover up for it. 

I really love the items that I got from Wholesalebuying and consider them as early Christmas gifts! I want to thank Wholesalebuying for blessing me with these items and sending them over. What do you think of my haul? Check out their site and find items that you may like for yourself and your loved ones because they give discounts for bulk orders too!

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  1. Hi! I'd like to ask if do you pay for tax sa wholesalebuying? What shipping method do you use and how many times have you ordered and were there problems? I'm planning on ordering a big package but I'm scared of the tax rte. thanks!

    1. Hello! I used the regular shipping method via China Post. It took 30 days to get a notification from the local post office though... I did not pay any tax because the package was marked as "samples" and maybe they let it slide because the packaging was small din. As for the case of the bulk order you're planning I am not so sure if they wont tax it since it may look like it is for commercial use. You may want to break them down to several packets instead.


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