November 6, 2015

Tbdress Singles Day 2015 Sale

I love online shopping, even online window shopping if there is even such a thing! And I love sales as well! Whoever will say they don’t like sale is a hypocrite. Just joking! Anyway, I am not ashamed to say that whenever I read or hear the word “sale” it sends an electric chill down my spine… hahahaha!

Did you know that there’s such a sale called “Singles Day Sale” that was spearheaded by Tbdress? Funny that almost everything has a worldwide celebration day being reveled once in a while. I think it was just last week that I saw on my Facebook feed that people around the world was celebrating something called International Cat’s Day.

Well, if cats can have their “day”, there’s no way why Singles can’t have their day celebrated too right? And what better way to make this day merry but to shop! Didn’t connect? Well, since singles don’t have someone to shower gifts with, then it’s better to shower themselves with gifts. If you ask me, that’s quite awesome! 

You guys got to check out Tbdress Singles Day 2015 Clothes Sales which includes outerwear, women’s dresses, menswear, tops, bottoms, intimates and kidswear. Even their line of evening dresses and wedding dresses are on sale!

Since I love dresses, I would probably gonna head on over to the Tbdress Singles Day Dresses Hot Sales tab, browse and see what I can score. 

The Tbdress Singles Day Sales Online Shopping will be on November 11. Yes that’s a double 11! So don’t missed this one! Oh I forgot to mention, accessories, shoes and bags will be also on sale. Yaaaassss!!! 

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