November 24, 2015

Stella Wood Fired Bistro - Magically Roasted and Fired Up

I haven't had the chance to set foot in BGC for quite sometime now and only pass by it on my way to and from the office. Merely because I don't have any business going there and since I live in Pasig City going to that area means bracing through a hell lot of traffic. But when I was invited to attend the Gifted.PH launch at Stella Wood Fired Bistro I told myself I should go for a change of scenery. Besides it was on a Saturday afternoon and I won't probably caught in so much traffic going there unlike on weekdays. 

Stella Wood Fired Bistro is part of the RainTree group of restaurants who also brought us Saboten, Chelsea Kitchen, Simple Lang, Museum Cafe, Rocket Room and Momo Cafe to name a few. Fusing pleasant spirits and inviting interiors with fine music and rustic menu, Stella is a wood-fired bistro that offers a full array of delights peppered with tastes true to the West Coast, the mediterranean and South America. The bistro, prominently located in Bonifacio High Street Central, makes use of natural wood on its dishes, imparting most flavorful aromas unlike any other cooking technique.

This part of BGC where Stella Wood Fired Bistro is located also houses several restaurants from  mid to high class ones. I have only tried a few: Nolita, Jamba Juice, Tampopo and Rocket Room which is a sister restaurant of Stella Wood Fired Bistro. Although this is my first time to try Stella Wood Fired Bistro and I'm excited on what they have to offer. 

The interiors of Stella Wood Fired Bistro isn't so fancy like the other restaurants I've been to. But it sure was cozy and very inviting. The lighting was also perfect, not so dim and not so bright. This restaurant is after all designed to be place for family and friends who just want to have a good old fashion fun over great casual food. Stella also prides itself as the first to use wood fire cooking among the restaurants in the metro. They cook almost all their dishes using this method of cooking to bring out the best from each ingredient.

So here are the items that we got to try during the Gifted.PH launch (by te way, you can check out this new gift giving website here: Gifted.PH Launch). 

Fried Mushroom Chips with garlic cream cheese dip

Salsa Guacamole and Chips: salsa fresca and guacamole, fresh lime, warm tortilla chips

The Stella Sip: Stella's signature iced tea, four red fruits tea, lemon honey, crush iced

Crispy Honey Walnut Beef and Arugula Salad: nashi pear, gorgonzola bits, sweet and spicy gochujang dressing toasted sesame

Butcher's Best Pizza: all meat, fennel dust and onions

Garlic Bianca Pizza: roasted and toasted garlic, fresh baby spinach, malagos pecorino

Housemade Chorizo and Garlic Spaghetti: roasted tomatoes and garlic silvers

Black Pepper Crab Cream Pasta: malagos pecorino and fresh lemon

Norwegian Salmon: arugula, almond pesto, sundried tomato, chili marmalade, ricotta

Butterfield bacon and Rosemary Wrapped Chicken: roasted chicken liver and cream gravy

The meals served to us were light and very flavorful. You would also notice that the ingredients used are quite high-end and not the usual you would get in other restaurants. All were very well curated. I have to say my favorites were Fried Mushroom Chips - they were tasty and crisp with a good dip to pair with. I love mushrooms and their supposed to be healthy kind of food but this one is deep fried, but heck, I am not complaining because they were sooo good! Crispy Honey Walnut Beef and Arugula Salad (I love all the combination on this salad, especially the sweet and spicy gochujang dressing). 

Also the Butcher's Best Pizza: the thickness of the dough was just the way how I like it. The bacon bits was thick and I love it! The caramelized onions gave it a sweet twist. And lastly the Norwegian Salmon, I would say I am biased to this, because salmon is one of my favorites and any time you make me eat salmon in any type it was cooked I would probably eat it, even raw! You can make me eat salmon for a whole month and I would probably wont complain.  The arugula, almond pesto, sundried tomato, chili marmalade and ricotta cheese that came with it added more flavor and texture to this already delicious piece of meat.

All in all it was good hearty late lunch. the prices were also reasonable enough for the quality and quantity of serving for your buck. Will I recommend it to friends or go back to Stella? You bet your life I would! Btw, They also accept small events as the place can hold around 60 persons. If you happen to be at BGC and looking for some place to have a great chow, I suggest you walk your way to BGC Central and check out Stella Wood Fired Bistro. 

Stella Wood Fired Bistro
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No: 631-3222  621-3111
For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Stella Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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