November 15, 2015

My Shopping Experience using Kango Express

Last  October 28, I was invited to the Philippine-launch of Kango Express at Society Lounge in Makati. The event was graced by one of the executives of the company, personalities from the US Embassy, the media and bloggers. We were treated with food, drinks and entertainment. I was able to meet new people as well especially other bloggers like myself. As a thank you for attending the event, guests were also indulged with free Amazon gift cards and shipping credits by Kango Express which we can use to experience how easy and efficient shopping and shipping can be using their services. 

But before I share with you all my shop and ship experience with Kango Express, let me again introduce the company to you, my dear readers. Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world. 

Kango Express provides a happier shopping experience. It understands that not all online retailers are able to ship to the Philippines or accept Filipino credit cards. With warehouses in both the US and UK, Kango Express customers are able to find the exact item they need at the exact price they want to pay. Through its affiliate relationships, Kango Express also assists its customers with finding deals and discounts and maximizing their shopping experience.  

Unlike other services, Kango Express doesn’t charge a membership fee, service fee, package handling fee or have any other hidden charges. Pricing is simple and straightforward. Registration is free and currently the company is offering a 20% discount on customers’ first order. Kango Express can save its customers an average of 30-60% on their shipping costs through Kango’s leading resizing service. Unlike other competitors, Kango doesn’t charge for the service, add extra processing time or require minimum volume savings to resize your packages. While most package forwarding companies focus on one single shipping service… direct courier (such as DHL/FedEx service), consolidation, or sea freight.

I’ve already heard and read about this shop and ship services before and have also wrote features for other companies who offer the same. But it is only now that I will be able to finally experience this type of trade. Lately, I’ve been rekindling my love for WWII stories and the men who fought in it (the greatest generation ever!). Especially those that happened during the European Theatre of Operations and in particular the stories of Easy Company 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division of the US Army which was popularized in pop culture by the award winning HBO mini TV series Band of Brothers. I wanted to know more of their stories and fortunately  a couple of these troops were able to write their memoirs and published into books. So I made a decision to buy and read most of the books related to this.

I was eyeing 6 books that I wanted to read but before I was invited to attend the launch of Kango Express, I have already purchased 4 of those books from and sent them to my friend in California who’s going to Manila next year. Yes, I have to wait for 2-3 months more before I can start reading those books. Had I have the slightest inkling about Kango Express, I would have had  bought all 6 books all at the same time and send them to Kango’s U.S. warehouse.

Anyway, I still have 2 more books to purchase so I took advantage of the Amazon gift card and shipping service by Kango. I ordered the books on Amazon on October 28 and used my Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping service and on October 30 the package arrived to my US address/Kango’s warehouse in Minnesota.

I then received an email notification on October 31 from Kango Express stating that my package had been processed and ready to ship. I also got an email from MyLinda of Kango Express giving me options on how to ship my package. I asked which one will be cheaper, and she told me that the Direct Service is priced higher but I will receive my package in 3-5 days and that the Consolidation Service is cheaper and will ship every Friday.

Since I can wait a few more days for my package to be arrive, I chose the consolidated shipping scheduled on Nov 6. After processing the shipping on the Kango Express website, I again received a notification via email that my books were processed for shipping on November 6. My package was also resized and cost me a lot less than the Direct Service price I was originally planning to avail.

Then on exactly November 6, I again received another email informing me that my package has been shipped! Yahoo! I can't wait for it to arrive!

So, after a few days of waiting, on November 11, I received a phone call from Kango Express Philippines informing me that my package had arrived and will be delivered at my doorstep the following day.

The packaging was really small and it just covered and hug the books with no spaces at all so that it can save so much space and no added weight to the items. I hurriedly opened the package to check the books and I was glad they were in great condition. No folds whatsoever. I am also astonished on how fast and efficient the shipping service of Kango Express, everything was right on time! I can't wait to finish these books in just a few days! So here are my books, they are huge paperbacks and I thought they are  sized as pocketbooks and I'm delighted beyond belief! Early  birthday and Christmas gifts, as you may...

I had a great shop and ship experience with Kango Express especially that I didn’t have to wait for someone from the US to return to Manila before I can buy items from there, nor I need to deal with the slowness and inefficiency of PhilPost. I’m so happy I can spend the holiday resting and reading my new books! It’s been a while since I read a real hand-held book and I admit, I truly miss the smell of paperback books.

Kango Express Philippines

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