December 4, 2015's Christmas Big Sale!

The holidays are coming and fast! You can already feel how palpable it is due to the heavy traffic and herds of people flocking to the malls and shopping centers. This week, I went to one of the biggest shopping center in Manila where you can buy items at bulk prices. But it was a complete nightmare! 

We walked from the train station to the shopping center which is around 5 blocks away because the vehicles going there weren't moving anymore. Then when we got there you can't barely make a step because the place was packed with shoppers. There are times when I got pushed and people stepped on my feet quite often. It was also very hard for us to get a ride back to the train station so we had to walk 3 blocks just to board a jeepney. If you don't have patience you will really lose your sanity.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer most of the time to go shopping online instead of going to the mall or shopping centers. Online shops also offers quite a lot of promotions and sales that will not only save you time but also big bucks. Since it's the holiday season, most online shops also give free shipping services. 

Take for instance,, this foremost clothing online shop is having a huge Christmas Sale where items can go with up to 60% off! plus they are offering free shipping too! The Christmas Big Sale will run from December 1-27, 2015 so still have a lot of time to make your holiday shopping in a more convenient way. 

Here's some of the items I've picked from this promotion from

Women Off Shoulder Knit Sweater Shirt Tops
Women One Shoulder Long Sleeve Warm T-Shirt

To see entire collection for the Christmas Big Sale you can click the image below:

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