December 30, 2015

Cheesecakes By Guy

I love desserts, it's one of the things I can't live without and would never hesitate to eat. One of the  desserts that I like are cakes; and cheesecakes and chocolates are on top of my list. I think I can go for a day just eating cake. A week ago, my sister and I decided to treat ourselves for some coffee and cakes, after a grueling 3 days of no sleep just to finish a few pieces of wedding entourage apparels for her client. It was her reward for me for helping her out, and I was more than happy to accept it.

I take pleasure in simple things, a good cup of coffee and a simple cake satisfy me. We went to a nearby mall to look for a place where we can get a sweet tooth fix. My sister then suggested Cheesecakes by Guy, which she has been telling me about for sometime now. She also told me that she had tasted all the varieties of cheesecakes and cakes from this cheesecake place. 

Cheesecakes can come come in a variety of shapes, flavors and color. Cheesecakes by Guy alone offer 25 different variations of the American Classic and each one very much different from the other and yet closely the same. But more importantly, cheesecakes come in a variety of textures and density. The popular New York Style is known for it’s dense and rich texture while Japanese Cheesecakes are made with meringue that results in a very light cake reminiscent of soft chiffon. 

The interiors of the store is very simple, but I really love it when a place has communal table, which is perfect for small meetings and catching up with friends and even meeting new people. Nothing so fancy, just that old casual and relaxing atmosphere with a mix of jazz feel and wooden accents. Definitely a cozy and warm space. 

Since it is already the holiday season, the store is already decked with a bunch of decors with all the Christmas feels -- which was very inviting.   I like that being a cheesecake cafe, their clientele doesn't focus on a certain age group. When my sister and I were there, next to us were a bunch of 50-to-60-year-olds just having a good old time sipping tea and eating cake. 

Besides cheesecake, they also offer a variety of other food items like pasta, salmon risotto, coffee, pastries, teas and sandwiches. My sister told me that their maple Citrus Glazed Salmon is not to be missed. unfortunately, i was still full and had already set my mind and tooth on something sweet. 

The display rack wasn't filled with that much choices when we visited Cheesecakes By Guy on that Tuesday night, but my sister told me they have a lot of varieties of cheesecakes and she already tried almost everything, her favorite is the Quezo de bola cheesecake.  But what caught my eye and made salivate like a crazy dog was one of the photos on the wall, which was a lava cake. 

So here's what we ordered: Banana cheesecake for my sister, Malagos Dark Chocolate Lava Cake
and Affogato  for me. 

Affogato. According to Wikipedia an affogato (Italian, "drowned") is a coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Some variations also include a shot of amaretto or other liqueur. It should be noted that it is one drink and should not be considered coffee with ice cream. I thought it it was the latter. Cheesecakes By Guy's version is a special blend roasted by an artisan with double shot espresso by default hot or iced  home made cheesecake ice cream.  They use their signature cheesecake ice cream instead of the usual vanilla. This combination for me was pretty awesome because the sourness of the cheesecake breaks the bitterness of the espresso.

Banana Cheesecake. I like the combination of sweet (from the banana) and sour (from the cheese) and add some chocolate on top, and it's definitely a bomb.

Malagos Dark Chocolate Lava Cake.  Cheesecakes By Guy's version uses 65% Dark Chocolate; is baked-to-order in 10 minutes and then served with 1 scoop of cheesecake ice cream. I'm familiar with Malagos Chocolate because I  included to visit its store when I was in Davao City, but didn't get the chance to fulfill that visit though. The Malagos chocolates are 100% pure and all natural so you know you're getting the best. Use it for a lava cake and it's a completely different story. At first you might think it's weird to order a chocolate-based dessert in a store that offers a variety of cheesecake, but like what I said earlier, Cheesecakes By Guy is more than just cheesecakes. The lava cake came with a scoop of their home-made cheesecake ice cream, which still makes it part of the family. But honestly speaking, it wasn't raving for the combination, probably because in my mind I have already set my palate on a lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Don't get me wrong though, the combination was a good twist after all.  

What's another best thing about Cheesecakes By Guy is that you can order from them online thru their website. I like that their staff was polite and know what they're offering clients. The only down side for me is the size of the cakes, for me, they were a bit too small for the price. Otherwise you get quality (cheese)cakes.

Cheesecakes By Guy
2/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City,
Quezon City, Philippines
+63 917 898 8396 / +632 584 3372

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