December 5, 2015


I can really feel the holidays! Why? This is the only time of the year I get to receive so many presents! Hahahaha! I get more presents during Christmas more than my birthday, actually.  Just last week, I received 3 packages from the online stores I am affiliated with and mostly are clothing items. I think I am already covered until summer for the clothes I have received. 

Anyway, I want to share with you all my latest haul from In the last few months leading to the day I received my package, I have been very active in participating in most of the Shein promotions and contests. Which in turn made me accumulate a huge amount of store credits which brought me to the capacity to purchase a couple of stuff in one order. I usually just get 1 or 2 items in an order; and only until now that I was able to get 5 items in just one order.  And because I'm always up to date with SheIn's latest promos I was able to time my order with their free shipping service, which happens quite often, usually 2 times a month. So I didn't have to pay for the shipping! Yey! 

So here are the items I got for my 12th SheIn Haul plus reviews of each item: 

Black Fashion PU Shoulder Bag

I got this bag mainly because it's the roomiest of all the bags in this style. This bag reminds me of one of them Michael Kors bag and that is why i was drawn to getting it. Of course, I can't afford a Michael Kors bag but I'm contented with this look-a-like. 

This one though is roomier unlike the original one or the other look-a-likes I've seen around and I am someone who can't go out of the house without bringing all my essentials stuff with me, that's why I always carry a larger than usual bag. I feel quite anxious if I left something at home that I usually bring all the items I think I'll be needing for the day. 

The combination of black and gold details of the bag's appliances makes it look classy and sleek. The bag is made of synthetic leather that looks and feels durable. I just hope it doesn't peel when it's already worn out or I have already used it for a long time. 

The bag can be used as a handbag or as a shoulder bag; it comes with a removable strap. The inside of the bag is very roomy and is lined. It also has several pockets for stuff that I where I can place items that need easy access: one big pocket in the front and 3 pockets inside. By the way, the bag also has gold steel feet to prevent the bottom of the bag from getting scratched or dirty when you put it down. 


Grey Criss Cross Back Split Maxi Dress

I already have a couple of maxi dresses; I noticed I haven't really had one that is good for casual days. Mostly are too stylish to wear on a regular day. This one caught my attention because it can be paired with flat sandals or sneakers just like the photo shown on the website. 

Since it is in a solid color and there's no print whatsoever, I like that it has some pretty details to it; like the side slits and the criss-cross open back. I would probably use this at the beach as is or if I'm going to use this for anything else aside at the beach, I would most likely use a tube top underneath it. Yeah, because I'm too shy to walk around the mall or anywhere else with a bare back unless I am on a beach. 

The material is made of cotton with a light stretch to it. The fabric is also thick enough so no need to wear an additional slip under the dress. And it falls beautifully as well. As for the sizing, I got me an XL as usual because these items made in China are usually smaller than the international size. It fits me perfectly. The adjustments that I need to make are for the length of the skirt part, because it is 2-3 inches longer for my height. 

I kinda love the subtle detail of the straps which are cloths thinly cut and braided. These give the dress more character being that it is in a solid color and a usual straight cut. The waist is elastic as well, so it will conform to your waist size. I like that it falls on the waist and not an empire cut (which usually makes someone look pregnant even if they are not). 

I am a sucker for clothes that are made of lace or crochet. They are probably one of those materials that don't go out of fashion. That's why in my closet, you can always find a good amount of clothing items that are made of  lace or crochet. 

I've been wanting to have a pair of shorts that's made of lace or crochet, and only until now that I had the chance to get one. What I didn't like about these shorts though is the frills trimming on the edges of the shorts. For one, they don't match the color of the entire item; they are off-white while the rest of the shorts is super white. I didn't notice that they have them on the photo shown on the website. I will probably remove them. 

As for the fit, it wasn't what I liked it to be, but I made a gamble when I bought it because this pair of shorts came as one-size only or free-size. They were kinda tight around my legs and hips which made it looked like cycling shorts. I have pretty massive legs and the shorts hugged my hips and legs quite tightly. But it's ok because I plan to use them as a swimsuit cover up and not when I'm going to the mall or dining out or meeting with friends.

White Off The Shoulder Crochet Lace Blouse

Like I said, I am really into clothes that are made of lace or crochet and again I was attracted to this top because of that. But also because of the off-shoulder design which is perfect for Summer. I know that it's already the chilly season. But to be honest, it isn't that cold back here in my country; it is actually kinda humid. Besides, I actually bought this top  with summer on my mind. There's a great chance though that I will use it this month too and until spring. 

The material used isn't crochet though; it's more like a stiff lace. It's not flowy like the other lace items I bought from SheIn. I am actually 50% not liking it and 50% liking it. I haven't washed it yet;  perhaps when I do it may soften the fabric a bit. Yet the detail and design of the fabric is intricate and beautiful. 

But as for the design and how it looks when you wear it, it's is gorgeous actually. I got a small size for this off shoulder blouse. It fits me well, but the garter for the shoulder part is quite tight and they have used quite a thick garter, maybe  it will loosen up a bit after I use it several times. The length of the top ends just a couple of inches below my belly button which I actually like.

Grey V-neck Dropped Shoulder Long Sleeve Sweater

As for this sweater, I must say I am quite disappointed by it. In the photo it doesn't show how the sleeves look like, and I thought they were actually the usual sleeves, but when I received it the sleeves are batwing sleeves. I really don't like this cut for the sleeves because to me they are very unflattering. Well that's just my opinion. 

But I know there are those girls who like over-sized sweaters, and this sweater is for them. I may need to make a couple of adjustments on the sides and sleeves to lessen it being a batwing sleeves. The yarn used for this sweater isn't itchy which is a good thing.  

As for the great part, I like the material used and how just the thickness of the sweater is just right. since I am living in a tropical country is Southeast Asia, wearing a  thick cable knit sweater is not advisable since we really don't get to exposed very cold weather nor experience snow. i don't have that much sweater so i will probably have to make the most of this one and just enjoy it. 

I love 3 out of the 5 items that i got from latest SheIn haul. Well, I'm not complaining because I'm quite used to the hit or miss chances when buying online, especially if  the items are produced in China because they tend to be smaller than the international sizing. Either way, I'm still glad for my early Christmas presents. 

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