May 22, 2022

Cards on the Table, Life on the Line

Navigating life is like playing a game of cards. You can’t really tell whether an encounter is just a friendly match or the survival of the fittest. You also can’t control nor predict the roll of the dice. In the game of aces and kings, here are some advice on how you could play your cards right and emerge a victor in your own way.

Mind your deck. Don’t cheat your way by looking at others’ cards and just mind your own. Focusing on others would only fill you with envy and break your rhythm, thus distracting you from your plans and priorities. The key to winning at life is in appreciating what you have and utilizing them to their highest potential. 

Rid of your excess cards. Whether it be a good thing or a bad one, anything in excess is unhealthy and dangerous. Rid of your excess time by making good use of it. Rid of all the ‘negatives’ in your life – whether those be people, a job, a lifestyle and whatnot. Rid yourself of worries and doubts by living each day at your own pace.

Play your cards right. Strategy is very important in every card game. While going with your guts could be helpful every once in a while, having a definite way to achieve your goals is the only way to reach true success. Of course, your strategies must still be flexible enough to cater to various scenarios – do not ever be confined to one method. Explore different channels and opportunities, and find the way that fits you best. Currently, many gaming platforms are available for playing card games online, such as MobilityWare, where you can also play Solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike, and Blackjack. As well as tutorial blogs and videos, this platform provides many ways to learn to play the game.

Bluff only in a way you can handle. A bluff can go two ways: one is to simply deceive the other players regarding the value of your deck and another is to use tactics to mislead them. Bluffing could be a handy strategy but doing so without delivering anything only makes you a liar. Never let others know what you have up your sleeve but make sure you successfully execute what you intended to do. You are still a player, after all – act like it and give it your all.

Put your best card forward. The best card is the highest card of a suit that is not yet played. There’s a saying that goes “save the best for the last.”  Your best card may be in the form of the foundation of your plans, your safety net or the trump card that would enable you to accomplish things. When things go awry, you must be able to rely on your best card to save the day. But more than a lifeline, your best card must be able to lead you to the “grand finale” of your life – the realization of your dreams. This is the reason why it is important to choose and use your best card wisely. 

The Joker. In card games, the Joker is your aide, your wild card. It could either benefit or harm you in the game. This card could represent the opportunities that you encounter in life. It’s your choice if you’d grab or pass-up on a particular opportunity, but make sure that however you use the Joker, you’d do it in a way you won’t regret. You have the power, use it well. 

Establish good alliances. Though card games are usually individualistic by nature, it pays to have allies who could help you overcome bigger hurdles. No man is an island – a good company could lead you to success in the game. They could also be the lifeline you could count onto when things get rough. Just be careful, though – not everyone who acts nice could be an ally. See through their masks. 

Bet smart. More often than not, card games operate on “bets”. Joining them is a gamble, as the way we live our lives daily. The journey to success is accompanied by a lot of risks that all of us must be willing to take. Such is inevitable so we must practice caution, patience and due diligence when gambling because our future and our entire life is at stake. Decide how far you are willing to go and how much risk are you willing to take and stand your ground.

Enjoy the game. All your efforts and wins are meaningless if you didn’t enjoy the process. Remember, it’s the journey that makes the trip worthwhile, not the destination. Whatever the results may be, you could never lose if the game has helped you grow and, along the way, brought you happiness. 



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