May 7, 2022

Comprehensive Guide on Creating Ideal Lighting in Your Living Room

The choice of lighting can make or break your living room ambience. That's why during decorating, you need to think about the types of lighting fixtures that would be the best for your living area. From wall sconces to thin floor lamps and chandeliers, the choices are rather vast. Make one mistake, and your entire vibe will be thrown off. So, to ensure the best mood in your living room, check out this comprehensive guide on creating ideal lighting in your living room.

Introduce a glam chandelier
Chandeliers add both mood and style to your living room. If they’re big enough, they will offer plenty of luminance that will allow everyone to enjoy a well-lit room. Position the chandelier in the centre of the living room so that you can get enough stretch of light all around. If your sofa is also cantered in the middle of the room, placing a chandelier above it will create a lovely focal point. Chandeliers will look particularly flattering in purple, jewel blue and green rooms as they bring along a regal chicness to interiors.

Think layered lighting
Whether your room is too big for one lighting option to suffice, or you’d prefer to introduce more lighting options, layered lighting will create just the ambience you need. Many Australian interior designers constantly emphasize how important it is to have multiple sources of lighting. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne or away from the coast, sometimes there won’t be enough daylight to offer you the needed luminance. That's why mixing chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps will have the best effect, creating the needed layers inside a room.

Consider whimsical lamps and fixtures
While lighting is there to improve the visibility and add the desired vibe to the room, it can also serve as a pop of colour or add interest to the room. Whimsical lamps of intricate shapes and colours will not only bring more lighting into the room but leave everyone in awe, too. If you're not very electricity-savvy, find an expert electrician in North Shore who will quickly and safely connect all the fixtures and make sure all the wiring is done well in your house.

Corner lighting adds uniqueness
Have you ever considered adding depth to your living room by illuminating alcoves? By placing a lamp in the corner, you'll light up the dark space so that the room will look bigger and more inviting. You will quickly design a comfortable little nook where you can relax with your favourite book and a cup of cocoa, enjoying your cosy living room.

Scale matters
A small room can always use more lighting. When you don't have anywhere to place a wall fixture, think about introducing a slim-base floor lamp that will quickly make a statement in your tiny living room. Light up the room without making it too obvious and make the room look even more inviting with as simple an object like a floor lamp. Estimate the appropriate size and mix a pendant, chandelier or spotlights for the perfect scale.

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design. You need to choose the fixtures carefully to create an inviting and pleasant ambience for the entire family to enjoy and friends to love spending time in when they come by. So, when you start thinking about the types of lamps, or wall scones you need in the living room, check the previously mentioned guide we set up for you. You’ll find answers to any questions that you may have regarding the best spots in the room for your favourite fixtures and so much more.

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