July 2, 2013

GUEST POST: Choosing the Perfect Venue for a Special Occasion by Isabelle Riley of Ballara Receptions

When putting an event together, things don’t really start taking shape until you book and confirm the venue. Although this is the obvious starting point, it is often one of the most difficult because there are so many fantastic options, and very different price scales.

There are venues to suit many tastes, often inspiring them too. They can facilitate themes of intimacy and romance, productivity and some are the perfect blank canvas to do what you choose. You will need to decide on the size of the venue, whether you need something small for more intimate gatherings or something larger and more extravagant for events like weddings, engagements and formals. Here are some of the main things you will need to consider when organizing your special occasion.

Do you have a specific area in mind? Does it have to be central or will most of your guests drive? It is common for many places a little further out from the city to offer more competitive prices. These locations are also offered more land making for some scenic locations, like Ballara Receptions. In the city you will find some beautiful architecture and accommodating venues, but you will likely encounter excessive hire costs.

Guests and Food
How many guests are you inviting? You will need to choose a venue that will be the right fit for the amount of guests. Too big and the atmosphere will be lost, too small and people are going to be real uncomfortable. What will they need? Are there many smokers on your guest list? How many people are driving and is there parking space? Also, how do you plan on feeding your guests? Is finger food acceptable or do you require a full 3 course menu? You should ask each potential location what is included in their hire costs, especially if there are any food and beverage packages.

Time and Costs
What is the time frame of the higher? If you plan on having a day service, you will need to know what time you have to be out by to cater for the next party, and if at night, how late are they licensed for? Ask if you will be charged overtime if you don’t leave.

Isabelle Riley
Ballara Receptions

photos c/o: ballarareceptions.com.au

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  1. Hi Isabelle! Thanks for posting this article. I've learned considering some points when choosing a venue for occasion. before when I'm choosing a venue the 1st thing I consider is the capacity, on how many people fit in the venue.

  2. thank you all for the comments and visiting my blog :)

  3. Thank you Isabelle! These will definitely help not only me but also for those who are looking for a great venues like this. They are all gorgeous venues.

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