June 19, 2013

ZARK'S BURGER: A Glutton's Heaven

One Sunday morning, after going to church, We were clueless on where to eat. He then suggested that we try out this burger joint in Taft which was recommend again, by a co-worker. We then search the net for the location of Zark’s Burger in Taft.

When we arrived it was still close so we had to wait until 10:00am for the place to open. The place was still empty but around 11:00am the customers slowly came pouring in.

The place is clean but for me it lacks proper lighting or maybe that is what the owner want it to look like or it is the ambiance they were going for. Anyway, their staff was courteous and attentive. We had no problem with regards to their service. I don’t know though if their service is consistent when the place is full.

On one of the walls you can see the photos of people who took their burger-eating challenges.

photos c/o zarksburgers.com:

Bottles of ketchup, and mustard, salt and pepper is readily available at the tables.

Zark’s Burgers' menu is pretty much extensive and the names of the burger variants are unique and very well-thought of.

Looking at the menu, I can’t seem to decide what to order. We neglected all the other menu items that are not under the burgers category. We went to Zark's for their burgers in the first place.

our burgers!

But since I'm a cheese-lover, I ordered the Jackhammer; it's has a half pound patty stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese! And because I have no sense of contentment, I even asked the crew to add candy bacon strips to my burger! LOL!

Jackhammer burger

Unfortunately, I am not a die-hard burger-lover. I liked it altogether though and it had left me with a full tummy but the cheese for me was not enough to have me raving about it. If I will rate the Jackhammer it would be 6 out of 10 basing on the taste alone.

We ordered the Deep Fried Bacon-Wrapped burger. He had been excited to try it ever since he saw it on Zark's FB page. But when he was almost 3/4 done eating the burger, he said it was too oily since the bun absorbed most of the oil considering that it was deep-fried. Ironic right? He's complaining the last minute when he had a few bites left

Deep Fried Bacon-Wrapped burger

Their burgers are made fresh and are grilled once an order is placed. I like that the patties are grilled and not fried. Btw, all their burgers come with wedge fries and iced tea. For the price I think it's reasonable for its size and taste.

Zark's Burgers has branches in Taft, BF Homes Parañaque and Katipunan. Visit their website and Facebook page for more info.

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Zark's Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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