June 10, 2013

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast:Not Your Usual Neighborhood Carinderia

Why is it unusual? Because Kanto Freestyle Breakfast does not serve the "silog" series type of breakfast, instead they serve gourmet-type food, unique menu, that usually a trained chef would whip up when you dine in a hotel or posh restaurant for your morning meal.

Like most people who have tried it, we came to know about  Kanto Freestyle Breakfast by word-of-mouth. One morning, after we got home from our night-shift jobs, we were too tired and lazy to go to the market to buy something to cook for our "dinner". We remembered about our promise to try  Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. We live around the area where it is located, so we didn't experience any trouble finding it.

It was literally a carinderia. Where a room was built in someone's backyard adjacent to the side of the street. The dining area was a bar/counter-type table and some tables set up along the street's sidewalk. No artsy, cutesy, modern design whatsoever and while you're eating a lot of vehicles are passing by.

If you're the type who's very particular with comfort, very good service and keen for spot-on cleanliness, then this place is not for you. Although, I am not saying that they don't have a good service or the food is unsanitary. It's just that there are people who can't eat in these types of hole-in-wall food place. But we are not that meticulous, plus we're too curious to know if the buzz about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast's food is true. 

They have ample menu choices, and everything is very inviting. But this was not the time to pig-out because afterwards we're off to bed so we can rest to prepare for another "day" (night) at work. 


Aside from the menu on the wall, the crew handed this to us. Something that a typical carinderia wouldn't have... a well-laid-out and laminated menu.

I decided to try the SPANISH SARDINES TEMPURA and the CRISPY PORK BELLY and for the sake of it, we also ordered MIXED BERRY PANCAKES.

crispy pork belly
Spanish sardines tempura
mixed berries pancakes

The heat was unbearable, in addition to us being already too tired, so we opted to have our orders to-go and just eat them at home. 

The SPANISH SARDINES TEMPURA was just ok. The breading is too thick to be considered as a  tempura. But it wasn't that bad; the tomato with pesto redeemed this dish's flaws. 

The CRISPY PORK BELLY's the skin was crispy and the fat and meat was tender.  I took a piece and was convinced that it was good after all.

The mixed berries pancakes of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast didn't disappoint us! To be honest, we were surprised on how fluffy and delicious they were. I think they're better than all the pancakes we've eaten, be it in a restaurant or home-made. We would go back to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast with the probability of ordering just the pancakes. Although I'm speaking too soon, I guess, since we haven't tried the other entrees from their menu.

The second time we went to Kanto Freestyle breakfast, these are what we ordered:

Batangas Beef Tapa. This one you guys should try out! This is by far one of the best tapa I've ever eaten in my life!

We ordered Vigan Longanisa (sausage). Vigan longanisa is one of our favorite longanisas. But they're version is too thin compared to the ones we've tried. But it's still good!

If you want to eat and stay for awhile at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, I suggest you do it in the late afternoon until dinner. Though they have something to shade you while you're eating during mornings until noon, I don't think you'll be that comfortable; not to mention the heat in this humid country of ours is unbearable.

- no menu entree is over 100 pesos
- what carinderia would serve a tomato with pesto? enough said.
- one of the best pancakes we've tried
- fluffy pancakes
- open 24/7
- with delivery

-no parking/park at your own risk
-noisy and dusty due passing vehicles
-few tables
-open air dining area

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kantofreestylebreakfast

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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  1. Tha pancakes look amazing! :)


    1. they taste amazing too! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. parang fast food.. but it's actually a carinderia :D haha.. Love it !

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