July 27, 2021

Celsius Cafe Lounge at Lamp Quarters Marikina

They say gas fuels the world, but I beg to disagree. I’d say coffee fuels the world! I’m pretty sure everyone of us can’t function or start our daily lives without drinking coffee first; hence the phrase “But first, coffee”. ICYDK, coffee is the most consumed drink around the world (besides water of course) and it’s one of those consumables that is enjoyable to explore because there’s so many types and every time you get to try a new one, it’s a whole new different experience. ⁣

Feeling adventurous when it comes to coffee? You don’t have to board a plane just to do that. Trek all the way to Lamp Quarters Marikina and search for Celsius Cafe Lounge where they offer third wave / artisanal coffee. It’s the first in Marikina – a dream of Chef Gab’s mother's that made into reality. Celsius also offers a lot of other food items that will go well with your hot or cold coffee order. ⁣

What my friends and I tried when we visited and our recommendations too!

Coffee Recos:

Iced ⁠Spanish Latte

⁠Spanish Latte


Espresso Affogato

Rwanda Filtered Coffee

Tanzania Filtered Coffee

Food Recos: 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries

Ube Keso de Bola

Pork Floss

Danish Bread⁣

Celsius’ Spanish Latte, both the hot and cold versions, are a must try! It’s a strong coffee flavor with hints of cinnamon. I’m sure you won’t regret trying it! It’s addictive! ⁣

Lamp Quarters Marikina
Gil Fernando Street, Centro de Buenviaje, Bgy Santo Nino, Marikina City

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  1. Those desserts available looks very enticing, grabe natakam ako sis!
    Kudos to you in featuring locally-owned coffee shop. Support local business!

  2. Coffeee does sound like a good idea. I drink coffee only during special occasions or if I really need to focus. Love the ones here though!

  3. That Ube Keso de Bola looks so scrumptuous! We lived in Marikina once, near Riverbanks. It's been a while since we've been back. There seems to be a lot of good place s to eat there now that I haven't seen before.

  4. Celsius Cafe Lounge has lots of things to offer! I love the ambiance of the place, and the food looks really delicious. Aside sa coffee, gusto ko talaga pag masarap din ang mga pastries sa isang cafe.

  5. seriously!! i love the ambiance! the look of the cafe! the food!!! natakam na ako agad eh!!! wish ko lang masilip ko yan soon. ilagay ko sa bucket list ko ng to go to! ube keso de bola please!


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