July 10, 2021

Adult Acne: Reasons Why You Get It and Ways to Fight It

At the thought of acne, most people imagine a pimply-faced teenager, wearing braces and listening to the hottest new pop bands. However, in reality, things are quite different – research has shown that persistent adult acne is very much common in the adult population as well, particularly among women in their twenties, thirties, and forties.


Additional factors, such as hormones, stress and nutrition can trigger dormant or non-existent adult acne and have them surface with very annoying side effects. And this is something that more and more adults around the globe, from Europe to America and Australia are suddenly faced with.


Reasons for adult acne 
Acne usually appears due to excess oil, dirt and dead cells mixing up and clogging your pores. This creates favourable conditions for bacteria already living in sebaceous glands to breed and wreak havoc on your skin. This process is the same whether you’re a teen or in your 30s, it’s only the breakout region that differs. Adult acne typically appears on the jawline, chin, neck and chest, rather than nose, cheeks and forehead.  

Research has pinpointed the reason for adult acne in women particularly to be hormonal fluctuations. It may be caused by diet, stress, pregnancy, difficult PMS or PCOS, but the outcome is always the same – cortisol spikes and gets broken down into testosterone that fuels excess oil through the pores. It usually doesn't take a major life crisis for acne to appear. It can be just a moderate amount of stress which all women experience daily trying to balance work and family obligations. 


Acne-fighting regimen
Avoid stress!
If your skin does break out, don’t freak out or you’ll just make things worse! Keep the stress at a minimum – sleep at least 8 hours every night to reduce your cortisol levels and allow your skin to regenerate. Stay physically active. 30 minutes daily doing your preferred activity will reduce your cortisol, boost endorphins and deliver more oxygen to your skin.

Keep your skin clean
The same teen acne cleansing ingredients can be used for adult kinds, but bear in mind that mature skin is thinner and more easily irritated. Opt for more tender and highly moisturizing care. Include an acne wash, lotion and an anti-ageing cream to prevent skin drying.


With your acne is in a calmer stage, you could opt for an easier routine. If you choose to buy at Cemoy in Australia, you can keep your face clean with a 30-second miracle toner. It’s a rich, soothing toner containing restorative ingredients and loads of ceramides that repair and protect your skin making it clearer, smoother and softer. It’s suitable for all skin types including acne-prone type and it only takes 30 seconds of sweeping your face, neck and dĂ©colletage with a soaked cotton pad in the evening after cleansing and in the morning.

If you want to address your wrinkles as well, use a retinoid cream and don’t forget to put on SPF every morning as acne-fighting products can make skin sun-sensitive and the Aussie sun can be relentless!


Consider taking a pill
If your acne breaks out about a week before your period, your doctor may choose to put you on the pill. An oral contraceptive can help stabilize hormone levels and may help clear your skin. It can also help control the overproduction of male hormones, as is the case with PCOS .

Last resort – see a specialist
If you're battling deep, painful red acne that just won't go clear up, you should see a skin specialist. Australian skin experts recommend a consultation with a dermatologist who will determine a treatment course and proper skincare regime tailored to your condition and skincare goals. The treatment can vary and side effects can follow, so it's best to leave it to the professionals.


The fact that the origin of acne runs deeper than your skin means that you need to address several factors to keep your acne in check – controlling your hormones, avoiding stress and following the proper skin-care regimen.

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