July 24, 2021

How Safe Are Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are seemingly one of the increasingly popular fashion trends that women today can't seem to do without. These products are quite an innovation using tiny magnets that help you attach the lashes to upper eyelids, without using glue or any other kind of adhesive.


Despite the ease of use  and extremely appealing look that it imparts, the general question that arises is, “Are magnetic eyelashes safe to be used in the long run?” The simple answer to the question is, yes. However, there are a few caveats that you will need to keep in mind, especially the way to use them correctly. 

This post is all about magnetic eyelashes, the proper way to use them, the safety precautions you will need to follow and everything else in between.

Knowing the basics right 
It's important  to know and follow a few basic rules before you get started with magnetic eyelashes. Here are are a few pointers to make our life easy: 

Before you attempt to wear magnetic eyelashes, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and get your eyes checked, especially if you are suffering from any pre-existing conditions.

Also, it's in your best interest  that you always choose from a collection of best vegan eyelashes. For an absolute newbie , it is advised that you get your magnetic eyelashes makeup done from a professional. 

You will need to keep in mind that you are seated firmly in a palace when trying to put them on. Never attempt to wear them when you are riding a vehicle as there's a good chance of accidentally poking your eyes  leading to unwanted trouble. 


While magnetic eyelashes are generally safe, there can be certain rare cases where one develops an allergy or reaction from wearing them. This is generally for all those who might have hypersensitive skin. If you feel the same, never rub your eyes as it can worsen the situation. If the irritation persists even after removing the lashes from your eyes, wash with water thoroughly and rush to your eye doctor. 

Remember, most of the time, such reactions occur because you are not wearing them correctly. So, always check if you're peeling off the magnets correctly and slowly, and always refer to the product manual and follow the instructions. The magnets, if not peeled properly, can cause damage to real eyelashes  and also damage the little hair follicles present around the area. 

For all those who are receiving any particular medical treatment, like MRI for instance, refrain from wearing magnetic eyelashes on the very same day. There’s a study that has depicted that during an MRI, the little magnets present in the magnetic eyelashes can get dislodged and transform into moving projectiles. Furthermore, if you are not wearing them properly and are fitted loosely, they might accidentally brush against your lash line  and cause significant damage. 


Magnetic eyelashes are a dandy, know how to use them right 
By now, you  might be a tad bit worried and reconsidering your decision to buy magnetic eyelashes. Well, fret not. The precautions we’ve discussed are all statutory warnings and apply to just about any kind of cosmetic fittings.

Magnetic eyelashes are a thing of beauty, and when you know how to use them right, they can enhance the look of your eyes like nothing else in comparison. Here’s everything else that you need to know: 

Ensure your skin is dry and clear before putting on your magnetic eyelashes. Besides, also wash your hands to do away with the risk of infections. While most people these days opt for cruelty free mink lashes, be sure to buy them from a reputed retailer. In case you want to use eyeshadow, always apply it before the lashes. 

Use your eyeliner applicator and gently run a brush stroke right along your lash lines. Then, take your set of cruelty free magnetic eyelashes, and slowly place them on either side of your original eyelashes. After application, apply gentle pressure to set them firm in place. Now, you are all set to wear them for long hours.

When taking off your magnetic lashes, you should gently peel them apart from each other for both sides. Next, use an eye make up remover to clean the area around and take off any other makeup residue. It's always a good idea to wash your magnetic eyelashes, either with rubbing alcohol or with soap to help keep away bacterial growth. Also, before wearing them again, let it dry completely. One last thing that you need to keep in mind, is never share your pair of magnetic eyelashes with anyone. 

Wrap up 
Magnetic eyelashes are the next best thing when it comes to eye fashion trends. It's sexy, stunning, promises fast application, and has the ability to up your glamour quotient in just seconds. 

So, go on girls, let your lashes do the talking  and turn heads around! 

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