July 6, 2021

The 4 Best Ways to Explore the World Virtually In 2021

With the pandemic keeping us primarily in our homes, our passports have been gathering dust somewhere deep in the drawers. Maybe we can't enjoy the warm sand between the toes and Margaritas on the beach, but there are plenty of experiences we can enjoy virtually. Therefore, I've made a list of adventures to enjoy without stepping out of your apartment. 


Best ways to explore the world now
1. Taking a virtual tour 
If you don't plan on going to China any time soon, here is your chance to explore one of the world's wonders in your pajamas. You can simply enjoy the walk across the Great Wall of China, or you can turn on the sound and listen to an informative guide that explains every step of the way in detail. 

Furthermore, if you want to end your day with a beautiful sunset, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the view from Cliffs of Moher - Ireland's most popular tourist attraction. This tour has a virtual reality mode as well, so if you have a VR headset, the experience will be even better.


2. Streaming travel programs
Every streaming service has an array of travel shows and documentaries. One of my top picks is a docuseries Our Planet that you can watch on Netflix. David Attenborough's soothing voice will guide you through some of our planet's most beautiful hidden gems, but it'll also point to a harsh reality of the human impact on the Earth. 

For foodies out there, Netflix offers the Street Food series - a close-up of the eating habits of regular people around the world. This mouth-watering experience may challenge you to roll up your sleeves and try to prepare some of the delicacies yourself. 

Even though Netflix has a fantastic streaming catalog, they have a geo-restriction on their content. If you want to bypass that and enjoy their shows without any blockers, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN service will hide your actual location and give you access to any geo-restricted content across different platforms.


3. Joining museum tours
Some museums and galleries started offering virtual tours long before the COVID, but the pandemic put these kinds of programs into the spotlight. One of the museums with the highest number of virtual visits is the Louvre. It's a favorite spot for everyone who's traveling to Paris, but now you don't have to spend hours crammed into a room with hundreds of people to have a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. Also, you can explore the museum in specific rooms and galleries, which are organized around different themes.

The next stop on every art lover's bucket list is the Guggenheim museum in New York. The Guggenheim has one of the best virtual art programs - you can enjoy a one-hour group tour that the organizers can customize to your group's interests and the subject matter you choose. Also, they have exceptional programs for school children. 


4. Going on a virtual cruise 
Maybe you won't feel the wind in your hair, but a virtual cruise will give you a taste of the experience. Many travel agencies offer virtual cruises where guests can explore the whole ship and enjoy various shows and programs. There are plenty of YouTube videos that'll guide you through the entire journey. For example, some of the world's best chefs will teach you how to prepare a few of the dishes they usually serve on the cruise. Besides that, if you want the piece of authentic below-the-deck atmosphere, the cruise staff will introduce you to their specific positions and responsibilities. 

The past year has been tough on everyone, and our mental health has never been higher on the priority list. The COVID taught us that traveling isn't just a luxury - taking time off is crucial for our well-being. Besides that, this unexpected situation forced us to think differently and explore alternative ways of enjoying life. Moreover, we've learned that we have to take things into our own hands and make the most of what we have - a great lesson to have in mind regardless of the pandemic. 

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  1. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.


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