November 23, 2021

A Wedding Straight Out of a Fairy Tale Book with SWEETV Bridal Hair Accessories

I am someone who loves weddings! Like a lot a lot! Whenever I get invited to one, I always attend and stay until the reception ends. Whether I am part of the bridal entourage, a guest or just a plus one, I always enjoy weddings. Being invited to a wedding is a privilege, it means that the couple who are getting married have thought of you and deemed you special to be part of one of the special moments in their lives.

Due to the current situation, most weddings nowadays are kept intimate. But for me that is actually a good thing. You can actually celebrate one of the most special days of your lives with only that people that matter or who are really special to you. 

Just like I said, I’ve been to a tad too many weddings, small, medium and large scales – I’ve witnessed them all. And you know what irks me the most? People leaving after they’ve eaten and not finishing the wedding reception. I kind of find that quite disrespectful. I mean the couple worked for that wedding for months and even over a year, guests could have shown the appreciation of being invited by staying until the end.

Anyway, having a small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream wedding and put on a magical wedding of your dreams. You can still go all out in smaller scale. Also having a small wedding means you have more budget to make each of your guests feel special and well taken cared for. You can even shoulder the cost of your entourage’s ensembles and even their bridal accessories. 

Say for example you want to have like a wedding with all the grandeur that resembles like a princess marrying a dashing prince, you know like those weddings like out of a fairy tale. Ah let me play wedding stylist for today and suggest some wedding/bridal hair accessory for you!

For The Bride
The bride, no matter how small or large the wedding is, you can always opt for just a simple dress, or the wedding gown of your dreams made by Francis Libiran or Michael Cinco. Babe, no one’s stopping you if want that wedding dress fit for a princess, don’t let other people tell you otherwise! It is your day, your special day, so d whatever you want! Even if you opt for a simple wedding gown, you can add more glamour to your extravagant dress or spruce up your simple one with wedding tiaras! Check my picks below!

For The Mothers and Bridesmaids
There’s this somehow unspoken rule that, there shouldn’t be anymore prettier than the bride on her wedding day. But seriously, if you love your mother, your future mother-in-law and girlfriends, you will want them to look good too, right? Which I’m sure they are your friends; I mean why would you pick them as your wedding entourage if they weren’t special to you? Make them feel beautiful on your wedding day too, nothing speaks confident, empowered woman (and a great friend for that matter) if she also knows how to make people around her feel pretty! When women uplift one another, it brings healthier, more supportive relationships to the forefront. While you wear a tiara, why not make them wear these pretty headpins (for the mothers) and hair vines (for the bridesmaids):

For the Flower Girls
Ahh the cutest little participants in your entourage! Some brides even have their wedding dress made custom-mini for their flower girls or have them tailored cute pretty flower girl dresses and what cute little accessory would go best with that but also little tiaras for the little princesses. Check these pieces below, my heart is melting on how cute they are!

Dream weddings that look like straight from a fairy tale doesn’t have to be expensive you know! It’s just a matter of knowing where to get them! Do some research, compare prices! You may also check out SWEETV hair accessory, they offer affordable bridal hair accessories at affordable prices, and they offer shipping worldwide! They are on Amazon and you can also browse some of their products on their Instagram: 

I hope that even though we are in the middle of a world health crisis, it won’t stop you from celebrating love and having the wedding of your dreams!

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  1. Oh I love it , everything you discussed! Coolest ever,and so intricate

  2. super fairytale moment. will share this to my sister, she will have her church wedding next year. :)

  3. These hair accessories and little tiaras are so fancy and fairy-tale like. But I am yet to see a bride who wears a tiara. Yeah, come to think of it, I haven't attended a wedding where the bride wears one.

  4. Those tiaras are so gorgeous! I want them all even its not for my wedding.
    Everyone deserves a tiara!

  5. Here you can't leave until the wedding is not done. Plus monetary gift is a must!
    Because whatever you give they'll give it back to you kapag ikaw naman ang kinasal.

  6. These hair accessories are stunning and perfect for special occasions. I would def want a tiara hair accessory!


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