November 9, 2021

6 Tips To Stay Fashionable While Working from Home

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, more people than ever have been working remotely. Working from home comes with some advantages - you can sleep a bit longer and don’t have to stress about dressing professionally every day. However, if you’re one of us who feels more productive when you’re dressed to impress, working out of your pajamas can feel rather demotivating at times. Here are some tips on how to stay fashionable and comfortable in your home office.

Get out of your PJs
It can be tempting to stay in your frumpy oversized T-shirt you sleep in all day long, especially when you can work even from your bed. This routine can easily get you into an unproductive state of mind and overall lousy feeling. Getting out of your pajamas first thing in the morning can be a great start to the day. It can also help you maintain some kind of routine that can be tough to sustain when working from home.

Focus on stylish tops
Nowadays, most remote jobs rely on Skype meetings and other video conferencing platforms. You don’t want to be caught off guard in your ragged comfy clothing in front of your co-workers! You may even send a message of not being as committed to your work as you actually are. So, fashionable shirtsare a must-have! You don’t have to wear uncomfortable white button-ups - getting some frilly blouses with fun patterns can brighten both your and your co-workers’ day!

Store your work clothes separately
When you get dressed for your home office, you can easily fall into the trap of wearing shabby sweatpants and stained shirts. To curb this, designate a separate section of your wardrobe for your work-from-home outfits. You don’t have to wear suits or professional dresses, but changing intoa nice pair of comfortable yet classy women’s joggers can make all the difference!

Freshen up your face
It can feel quite liberating not having to do a full face of makeup every single day before work. However, you never know when the next Zoom call will be. Therefore, treating your face with a tiny bit of concealer, blush, and some mascara can make a world of difference. If you feel extra adventurous, you may even throw on some lipstick that matches your top! You’ll undoubtedly be the best-looking talking head on your co-workers’ laptops.

Do your hair
If you’re feeling extra demotivated for work, some of the best advice is to get out your hair styling products and tools and have some fun before work. The possibilities are truly endless, and your only goal is to look put together and ready for your work environment. If doing your hair is more of a hassle than a self-care ritual to you, consider getting a new hairstyle, maybe one that is more low-effort.

Keep your work area clean
Working from home can turn your home office into a chaotic mess in no time. It’s highly convenient just to throw things around and forget about them. Having a messy work environment can negatively affect your productivity. Therefore it’s essential to keep it as tidy as possible. Another great idea is to decorate your home office, but don’t go to ham on accessories - you don’t want anything too distracting.

Working from home has allowed us to be a bit more comfortable while checking our professional to-do lists. However, this doesn’t mean that you can have a successful day in worn-out clothing. While taking care of your appearance can motivate you to work harder and be a better professional, it also doesn’t have to be too complicated. Having a couple of nice blouses in your wardrobe to pair with natural makeup will take you out of the work-from-home frump.

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