November 10, 2021

Manila Ocean Park is Back + Re-Opening Promo!

Every time I go to any themed park, I suddenly feel like a kid again! Something about them makes me recon my good old carefree days. I remember when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland, my best friends and I (we were all Disney lovers) were like kids, running, skipping, singing around the park the entire day, even gushing over Disney princesses that we come across the park. 

Last weekend, I went with my blogger girl friends to Manila Ocean Park and the same feelings came rushing in. I was like this little girl again; curious about all the sights that is before me. I was bewildered, like in a state of dream, seeing all the marine life at the Manila Ocean Park. As some of you may know, I have a great penchant for the beach and the sea, I haven’t been anywhere close to the sea in almost 2 years (the last was when I went to Siargao in February of 2020), and this is the closest I can get to the sea or at least somehow experience it again. 

Manila Ocean Park opened its doors again at the end of October 2021, still with c/ovid prevention protocols in place and opening only sections of the themed park. They are currently operating only from Thursdays to Sundays, from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. 

What’s nice about the opening is that children are now allowed to visit! But (yes there’s a “but”) their adult companions must be fully vaccinated. Adults should also present their vaccination cards or certificate before being allowed to enter and of course must not be showing any signs and symptoms of any illness. All guests over the age of 18 will be required to wear face masks and/or full-face shields throughout their visit.

The 7 open attractions are as follows:

Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies – Jellyfishes are some of the most beautiful creatures of the ocean. They are commonly known as “dancing sea fairies”, gracefully gliding below and on the surface. The Jellies Exhibit has various species with a fascinating display of multi-media effects and breathtaking music. IMO jellyfishes are super cute, unfortunately most of them stings and are dangerous. I only got to touch stingless ones in Sugba Lagoon in Surigao and they were so precious.

Super Toy Collection – Check out the largest toy collection of your childhood superheroes in the Philippines. Kids and the kids at heart will surely enjoy the Supertoy Collection!

photo c/o Manila Ocean Park

World of Creepy Crawlies – Learn more on the importance of often ignored creatures and be enlightened on the magnitude of insects, worms, spiders, bugs, frogs – collectively known as the Creepy Crawlies! Creepy crawlies are often misunderstood and feared upon but you’ll be amazed at the superpowers they possess and have developed all for the ultimate goal of survival.  

photo c/o Manila Ocean Park

Oceanarium - The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its sheer size and diversity make it one of the world's best public aquariums. 

The Oceanarium is a stunning walkthrough of the watery depths featuring seven sections and containing 3,000 cubic meters of seawater. At the heart of a 55-meter journey inside the Oceanarium is the main attraction - a 220° curved walkway tunnel with a spectacular underwater view of amazing sea creatures swimming overhead. 

Here’s a trivia: the water source for the Oceanarium is filtered water from Manila Bay. A special process is done to ensure that the seawater is suitable for marine life. It has an educational activity area, unique function rooms for special events and bi-level shark and stingray viewing facilities. 

This is the area of Manila Ocean Park that I truly enjoyed! I’ve seen huge fishes. I also saw Dory (Palette Surgeonfish) and Nemo (Clownfish)! A couple of manta rays and sharks too! The live coral displays were also a sight to behold!

@sandundermyfeet16 πŒπ€ππˆπ‹π€ πŽπ‚π„π€π ππ€π‘πŠ πˆπ’ ππŽπ– πŽππ„π!Thur-Sun 10AM-6PM> visit for more info! #manilaoceanpark ♬ original sound - sandundermyfeet

Trails to Antarctica: Penguin Exhibit – The first penguin park facility in the country. Trails to Antarctica: The Penguin Quest brings you closer to the coldest and most mysterious place on earth. Take a journey to discover a world like no other. It features a walk-through exhibit where you can learn more about the frozen continent, live Humboldt penguins in the Penguin Exhibit. You can feed them via a tube that opens up to their enclosure. Their super cute and very curious beings!

Trails to Antarctica: Christmas Village – a room showcasing the different ways people around the world celebrate the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

Sea Lion Show - Meet the adorable sea lions of South America as they bring you valuable information on environmental conservation. It is a fantastic show for all, highlighting their special skills and unique characteristics plus a chance to get a kiss with a souvenir photo.

photo c/o:

The in-house restaurant of Manila Ocean Park, White Moon Bar, is also extended at the walkway of the sea lion enclosure, so you get to eat great food while watching the sea lions do their tricks or just them swimming. 

Manila Ocean Park currently has a promo: BUY 2 TAKE 1 FREE TICKETS! The ticket is priced at PHP 595.00 for ticket both for kids and adults and you get to enjoy the 7 attractions stated above. This promo will run from October 21 to December 19, 2021. For more information, kindly check out Manila Ocean Park’s details that I’ve listed down below. 

More attractions will be opening in the coming weeks! Plus if you want to know more what are the do’s and don’ts before and during your visit, follow Manila Ocean Park’s social media channels to get updates! 

Quirino Grandstand, Ermita, 
Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Contact Nos: 285677777

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  1. Hyun Jang NimNovember 10, 2021

    I wanna visit this again, ang daming attractions and affordable ang promo.

  2. Glad that they’re opening!! Always wanted to go on a date here pero wala namang kadate hahahaha sadt

  3. super excited ko pumunta dito.. abay bili nga ako agad ng ticket!! kasooo huhu parang im kind of scared pa of the situation when it comes to the people who are coming in. kaya di muna kami tutuloy later, 19th. buti na lang pwede pa gamitin until next year yung nabili ko na na ticket. at least, we can experience manila ocean park when we are more at ease na of the situation. na budol ako agad eh hahahaha

  4. Omg I miss this attraction! My first and last visit was in 2014 at hindi na naulit. Thanks for this update, marami na ring nagbago :)


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