January 25, 2017

Hong Kong-Macau 2016 Travel Diary: Hong Kong Disneyland

Well, this is a super overdue post. I was thinking if I should write about my Hong Kong-Macau trip back in October of 2016; I kept procrastinating and then one day I decided “Ok, let’s share it anyway”. This trip is also my birthday gift to myself, I was supposed to go to Bangkok and Cambodia after my best friend’s wedding but that got postponed later this year so my college friends and I decided to just go with another college friend to her family trip to HK. This trip was a bit impulsive and expensive since we booked our flights only one month before the trip date, and you know how airline charges can be very steep especially when the holidays are approaching.

During our flight, there’s a massive typhoon happening in the Philippines and is on its way to Hong Kong too. Our flight was delayed for an hour (though not a surprising thing with Cebu Pacific) and it was drizzling too when we got to Hong Kong. Our trip was 5 days and 4 nights, but we kind of lost a day because of the typhoon. In Hong Kong, when there’s a big storm, almost all of Hong Kong is shut down so you can’t do anything really. The only places that are open are 24-7 convenience stores.


But all in all, it was a very nice trip; especially that I got to do my very first trip out of the country with my best college friends (I was supposed to go to HK back in 2011 but that got cancelled because of some unfortunate events). We’ve been planning a trip together but only that this time around that we finally got to do it. It was almost a decade in the making but was a memorable one especially that I got to spend it with people that meant a lot to me.


I will try my best to recall what transpired during this trip; the places that we went to, the experiences that we had, the things that we did etc. Though I might do blog posts that have more photos than words in it. This will probably be more like a photo diary and sharing of experience than reviews or how-to’s.


Hmmm, does Disneyland need any introduction at all? I think not. I am not really big on amusement parks, but Disneyland? I can never say no to Disneyland! It’s not like you go to Disneyland on whim right? So yeah, even though I’m not a fan of amusement parks and walking all day, I agreed on joining my friends to Disney.


Getting There
Disneyland is in Lantau Island, Hong Kong and going there you have to take the MTR and get off at Sunny Bay station. And you will need to transfer to another line which carries the Disneyland train. The Disney train soooo cute! We got all excited while riding it!

I won’t review Disneyland, ok? Who would even do that? So what I’m going to do is tell you guys my experience and what parts of this visit to Disneyland are the ones that I like and didn’t like. First off, we bought our Disney tickets, a one day pass, in one of the travel agencies at World Wide Mall just right outside the Central Station of the MTR. The price is cheaper and forex stores there offer better exchange rates. 

The moment I stepped foot on the theme park, memories of my childhood came flooding in and all of a sudden; I felt like I was a little girl once again. My friends and I felt all the same; while walking around the park, we were singing, laughing and skipping like kids. We came up with strategies on how to avoid the lines too by starting at the farthest end of the park. You can or can’t go to all the areas and get on to all the rides in one day. I overheard some people that they are back for day 2. But for us, we can only spend a day there.

As of the moment, Disneyland Hong Kong has 7 areas: Main Street, U.S.A.; Adventureland; Fantasyland; Tomorrowland; Toy Story Land; Grizzly Gulch; Mystic Point. We only passed by Main Street when we got there, I love the vintage feel of this area, reminiscent of a downtown streets in the U.S. This is also where we watched one of the Halloween parade and bought our Mickey mouse-shaped waffles, which are quite expensive by the way. But yeah, it’s so cute, it’s irresistible! It tasted good to be fair and came with chocolate and maple syrup dips.


Jungle River Cruise (Adventureland)
Our first stop was Tomorrowland, where we rode the Jungle River Cruise, man that was so fun and a lot of surprises while cruising down the river. The host/boatman was very entertaining too.

It’s A Small World (Fantasyland)
This slow water ride is for kids really, but it was so cute and educating that we can’t miss it. The ride shows dolls representing all the nationalities and ethnicity in the world while they sing the song “It’s a Small World Afterall” in each country’s national language. You can also find some Disney characters included in the show.

Cinderella Carousel (Fantasyland)
Even when I was little, I was always fond of carousels. There’s nothing thrilling about riding a carousel because you just ride something just goes around but there’s something so nostalgic about it. I have a heart for all things vintage and this carousel gets to me.


Star Wars Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)
I used to hate roller coasters but you only live once and it’s not often that I get to ride one and hey I’m in Disneyland so I better make a lot of fun out of it right? When my friends decided we ride the space mountain I didn’t think twice. It was fun because you can’t see anything besides the effects inspired by the Star Wars movie. I didn’t get scared, at all… *pats myself on the back*
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (Tomorrowland)
Another ride made for kids, where you shoot the monsters that you’ll see along the ride and then you get points. Not so exciting but yeah, it was still fun.

Parachute Drop (Toy Story Land)
This side of Disneyland reminded me so much of someone haha! That someone would love this place because it solely dedicated to him. Anyway, I hate rides that makes my stomach turn. But one of my friends suggested that we still try it just for the sake of it. This gives you that free-fall feeling over and over again. We were all laughing while we rode this because it felt like we were being tickled in our bellies.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Grizzly Gulch)
This ride can be found in the Grizzly Gulch which is themed land reminiscent of an abandoned mining town set amidst mountains and woods. This is by far the best ride I’ve ever ridden in my entire life! The effects are on point and the surprise loops, turns, drops and falls are ah-mazingly sooooo fun! We rode it twice actually, we would have gone for a third time but our bodies couldn’t take the beating anymore. I was not scared at all.. *pats myself on the back* (again). And oh yeah, we did drop a lot of curses and screams while riding this attraction.


Festival of the Lion King (Adventureland)
Since it was still closed, we ate some snacks just outside the venue. I liked the Korean grilled squid, though it was again, expensive. Haha! I super love the Festival of the Lion King show, it was very engaging. It was confirmed that there were a lot of Filipino performers included in that show because they know you’re Filipino too and when they approach you they say “Salamat” or “Kamusta kababayan?” Makes me sooo proud that Filipino talents are being recognized and are able to work in a place like Disneyland.


Mickey’s Philharmagic (Fantasyland)
This show is magical 3D adventure where you will experience as if you’re part of the show. It’s one of the best shows in the park because it is somehow interactive. We looked crazy trying to avoid flying objects or reaching out to objects. The sound and mist effects are on point too.
Disney’s Storybook Theater (Fantasyland)
Here we saw a musical celebration of Disney’s films and characters, mostly about the well-loved Disney characters. Just like in the Lion King show, real people perform here. I particularly love segment of Ariel (Little Mermaid), Elsa (Frozen) and Eudora (The Princess and the Frog). My favorite is The Princess and the Frog performance because of its Roaring 20’s theme.

Flights of Fantasy Parade (Fantasyland)
Since we went there during the Halloween season, Disney villains are the ones who are showcased in the parade instead of the Disney Princess. Which for me is just too bad because I would have really want to see the princesses. I only got to see Belle (my favorite Disney Princess)from afar and wasn’t able to get a photo with her because it was already her break time.


Disney in the Stars (Fantasyland)
This is the highlight of any Disneyland visit wherein a musical firework display happens over the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Fireworks and pyrotechnics are coordinated to orchestrated classic Disney songs such as "A Whole New World". I love that part when the song finally played, we all can’t help but sing, besides it’s one of my favorite Disney songs ever! (Tale as old as time is second, just an FYI). 

Royal Banquet Hall (Fantasyland)
By the way, we had our lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall. This is reminiscent of old medieval castles like that you can see in The Beauty and The Beast and Sleeping Beauty. They serve dishes like curries, dimsums, Japanese and other Western cuisine.

Though visiting Disneyland can be so tiring because of doing a lot of walking and the merchandise and food there is quite expensive, it was a wonderful experience nonetheless. Our trip to Disneyland was truly magical! It feels good to feel like a kid again, no worries, no stress, no cares in the world, even for just one day. It is really the happiest place on earth!

Hong Kong Disneyland
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Contact Nos: +852 1-830-830 / +852 3550-3388
Website: www.hongkongdisneyland.com
Facebook: facebook.com/hkdisneyland.pa
Instagram: instagram.com/hkdisneyland
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