January 12, 2017

Update Your Wardrobe for the New Year

When I think of the New Year, I think of everything has to be new. Like my way of life, my way of thinking and of course my way of dressing. It will be Spring and Summer soon, and new trends will be running down the runways and the streets. So I guess, New Year means also new wardrobe.

I am normally not a person who follow trends, but when I like a style I buy it; but I make it a point to incorporate them to my personal preference in fashion. Especially when it comes to the colors of the clothes that I want to be part of my ensembles. I rarely go crazy with colors, I usually stick to the basics, but yeah, once in a while I like wearing loud colors or a mixture of colors, but nothing extreme.

If you have seen the latest color trends for 2017 that Pantone recently released, they’re so gorgeous! I see myself wearing pieces in a handful of those colors. But I will most likely wear Fashion Tops in those colors that I will pair with my basic jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts. Besides, I can’t go over the top with my outfits because I work in the corporate world. I would probably mix and match colors once in a while.

As for the styles of Women's Dresses and other clothing items, I saw in one fashion forecast online that sheers will be a bog thing in 2017. That means chiffon, laces, crochets will still be in season. I’m glad that I have purchased a couple of items in this category knowing that they will be always incorporated in any fashion season. Clothing items in chiffon, laces, crochets are actually basics, a woman should at least have one piece of clothing items made with these materials in their wardrobe.


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