January 9, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 9

It's the first weekend of 2017 and it's already super fun! Agree? well if you're not having fun, I suggest you start making some! Hahahaha! Sorry that I am a bit giddy lately. I think I just started this year on a positive note and disposition that at the moment nothing's gonna stop me from being happy, no matter what the circumstances are. 

One of my best college friends just recently came back to Manila from Canada, and whenever he's here in the Philippines, we always make it a point to meet up as much as we can. So on Saturday, we had dinner with some other college friends. After which we decided to have a fun night by having some drinks. We went to 5 different places that night: Reserve Gastro Tavern (bar-resto), Bank Bar MNL (secret bar somewhere in BGC), Roofdeck Bar at Z hostel (my go-to chill place), Finders Keepers (not-so-secret bar in Makati) and Black Market (club),  so we ended up going home at around 4:00 am on Sunday. It was so fun, pure clean fun (well except that we had a couple of drinks). It's been ages since we went out like that because after college what we would usually do is just go out for coffee or dinner. We kinda did some reminiscing about our college days, made us all nostalgic. 

I'm am currently obsessed with this comic series called Heart and Brain (link here). The comics is originally about this awkward yeti named Lars. The Awkward Yeti is an ongoing gag-a-day webcomic by Nick Seluk that started in 2012. The Heart and Brain comic series is a spin-off comics on the The Awkward Yeti website. Heart and Brain, is a webcomic following the daily lives of an anthropomorphic heart and brain. In the comics, the heart follows its feelings and emotions, chasing down butterflies and getting excited about kittens, while the brain is concerned about adult responsibilities. While the heart skips to emotional need, the brain brings in reason and logic for why the heart's action are ill-advised. I immediately fell in love with the series because it is sooo relatable. I have many instances in my life that I am more like the heart so I'm drawn to that character. It greatly captures the struggle between our hearts and heads. I also find the facial expressions and antics of Heart super cute and funny. I like how Seluk actually can draw heart's emotions. Check out the slide show below for some of my favorite Heart and Brain episodes. 

I'm quite updated with the posts I need for my blog and they are scheduled to be published everyday within next week so I'm think I'm good. What I need to do now is start writing for the articles I volunteered to write about for our office newsletter. I got excited and chose three articles to write. But it's in my niche so I know I'll be ok.

watched At this very moment, Youth by Troy Sivan is playing on my PC's music player. I love this song because of the lyrics and the beat. Well, its lyrics if full of what ifs, and nowadays, I'd rather be brave and do things that I want to do and have a bunch of "oh-wells" than a lot of what-ifs. 

About nothing, really. Since I went home in the wee hours of Sunday morning I spent half of my day in bed and slacked off for the rest of the day.  Well it's the weekend and it's Sunday and I have no plans to go out today, so I'd rather lay in my bed until late in the afternoon. Since we went out to 5 different places last night which made me all tired AF, I need to recharge today. 
The instant coffee I'm drinking while writing this TSC entry. My day is just getting started, so the first order of the day (or rather afternoon) is nothing else but coffee. 

To book a flight to some beach for summer. I'd like to go somewhere in the Visayas and go to an island or beach that I haven't been to yet. Here's my choices: Gigantes Island in Iloilo (Iloilo is my mother's hometown), Batayan Island in Cebu (I've been meaning to go here for years now), some beach in Romblon (where I can go cliff diving to beautiful aqua blue open water), somewhere in Siquijor or in Kalanggaman Island in Northern Leyte (my officemates have been planning to go here and I might join them). 
That I get to win, even the minor prizes, from the blog writing that I joined early this week. I really wanted to join that contest but I learned that the deadline had already passed. until one of my co-workers told me that it was extended until January 6th. I hurriedly sent my entry and hope that the odds will be in my favor.
A shirt and denim shorts at home.

Alot of things at the moment! 1.) The gift my balikbayan college friend gave me! A set of Victoria Secret perfumes! My friends know me all too well, they know I love anything VS. It's funny that everytime my supply is about to run out, someone will give me one or a set. 2.) I love that I finally got to visit 2 secret bars last night! It's my goal to visit every secret bar that I read or heard about. I went with my friends to Bank Bar MNL in BGC, which can be found in some secret door inside a convenient store and Finders Keepers in Makati - which is supposedly a secret bar but everybody knows about it already. Eitherway, it was a cool experience. I will blog about them in the coming days for sure. 3.) I got to dance my heart out with my forever persons last night! I danced like no one was watching, I gave zero f*cks and just danced the night away. We were just chill and just enjoyed the night. 

To take survival swimming classes. So I can learn how to properly thread and float upright in deep waters. I need to do this before I do some open-sea cliff diving this summer. I know basic swimming after my brother taught me how to last year, but I chicken once in awhile when ever I swim somewhere where I can't reach the bottom. I already found a tutorial class, now I just need to find time for it and persuade a friend to take the same class with me. 

A facial very very soon. I need to go ASAP because I'm having zits again. I'm not stress at all so maybe it's just me having the crazy hormones again because it's that time of the month again (sorry TMI hahaha!) 
Sleepy. I slept for a good 7 hours after coming home at 4:00 this morning, but I still feel like I need more zzzzzz's. 

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