January 24, 2017

5 Awesome Tips for a Happy and Healthy Home

A happy and healthy home means healthy and happy life. Even if you do work, you still spend most of your time at home. And personal environment is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your mood, energy and motivation. Also, your general health can benefit a lot from a tidy and organized home interior. If you want to know how to take care of your home in order to take care of yourself, keep on reading.

1. Too much clutter
Excessive clutter is directly linked to stress and low energy levels. It creates mental pressure that puts you down subconsciously. In that respect, the first step in creating a happy and healthy home is decluttering. Take some time to analyze and go through everything that occupies valuable space in your home. Ask yourself what details and decorative bits really fit with your desired theme and which ones simply make a mess. It may sound easy but when it comes to keepsakes you might feel unsure and confused. Therefore, this is not the process to do overnight.

2. Positive energy and happy memories
As you start getting rid of clutter, your keepsakes will definitely seem worthy of keeping. Still, pay attention to what these things remind you of. If you’re in a process of getting over a breakup or letting go of some painful past memories, you definitely don’t need anything that can impede your efforts. Make sure to keep only those things that fill you with positive energy and have good connotation. Moreover, focus on décor pieces that inspire you and make you look forward to the future.

3. Functional layout
The way you organize your furniture is also one of the deciding factors in making your home healthy and pleasant. If your freedom of movement is limited due to your furniture layout, it’s time to do some repositioning. In order to get all the benefits from your home design, you shouldn’t have to go through the trouble of slipping between pieces of furniture or being attentive so that you don’t knock something over or bang something. 

4. Regular cleanup
Dust and dirt are not only an unpleasant sight to behold at one’s home, but they can also cause several health problems. In that respect, a regular and thorough cleanup is a must. If you find doing home chores troublesome, try to make a to-do list and stick to the designated schedule. What’s more, cleaning your windows regularly is as important as any other chore. Clear view will let more sunshine in and make you feel brighter and happier. Also, accumulated mess can add a fair amount of pressure and stress. To avoid this, try your best to put things back to their original place once you’re done using them. Don’t wait for the sink up to fill up with dirty dishes either. As you start following your to-do list, the chore schedule will soon become a habit.

5. Avoid potential allergies
Your home can actually be the biggest cause of your allergies and discomfort. Take a good look at what cleaning solutions you use. Toxic release can be very damaging for your health. It would be best to switch to green, eco-friendly cleaning agents you can make yourself. What’s more, even if you regularly dust and clean your home, allergen particles can disperse into the air. This creates potential dust allergy risk. Investing into good quality air purifier for allergies can make a huge difference in your personal environment, especially during pollen season. 

Taking care of your home and putting some effort into making it into a healthy and inspiring place for you will significantly reflect on your mood, productivity and well-being. Don’t look at your chores and home décor as something tedious, but perceive these things as a way to help yourself be the best you can be. Your home is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself after a long day, so make sure it fits this role perfectly. 

Guest Post by: Chloe Taylor

Chloe is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at smoothdecorator.com. She is passionate about photography, dancing and music. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world with her husband and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB, Twitter, and G+.

Thanks a lot for this article Chloe!

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