January 30, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 12

Before anything else, I want to greet my Chinese and Filipino-Chinese friends Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Well, what a weekend that was! Tad too many parties! Literally went to party from Saturday until Sunday. I had so little sleep too but I don't mind because I got to spend my weekend with my friends and people from the blogging world. I went home from my Friday shift on Saturday morning and finished the chalkboard sign for my friend's daughter's first birthday and went to get some zzzz's. I woke up past my alarm and hurriedly got ready for Buddha Bar Manila's 5th Anniversary as I was invited by Zomato Philippines as one of the bloggers to attend the said event. It was themed as Cabaret/Can-Can night filled with performances and free-flowing drinks and food. 

After that I scrammed to Uptown BGC to meet my friends for some night of dancing at The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie. That was so much fun too since the music was hip-hop RNB - which I love dancing to. Witnessed so many happenings and enjoyed the night away. By Sunday morning I had to get up early like around 9:00 am to attend another party, but this time it's my friend's daughter's 1st birthday, up north of the metro. 3 parties in one weekend!!! My Facebook feed and Instagram stories were overflowing with photos and snaps but oh well. I'm tired and sleepy but I don't mind.. I don't mind... ♪♩♪ At least I get to spend my weekend with people who matter. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Still no book at the moment, but I am proof-reading some of my blog posts -- which rarely happens. I don't really proof-read what I write, most of the time. Heck, do I care for the grammar nazis out there.

This blog entry. No pending blog post! Ha!

To "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur. It has a good lyrics, melody and very soothing. This is just a nice song for a long road trip. You know, that kind where you roll the windows down and just let the cool breeze hit your face. Hmmmm... That got me daydreaming of a drive up to Tagaytay... ๐Ÿ˜

About my upcoming trip down south. My officemates tasked me to make an itinerary for our getaway this February. Gotta start researching now. 

The spaghetti and fried chicken I ate at the children's party. Jollibee will always be my favorite fast-food forever!

That the weekend wouldn't end so soon. Just wishing...

That the weather gets warmer soon. My allergic rhinitis is starting to annoy me. Even if I take my anti-histamines my nose still gets super clogged.

Chiffon tank top, long cardigan, tapered jeans and red suede lace up block-heel sandals.

Oh I'm loving a lot of things right now. 1) The Maserati cap that Buddha Bar Manila gave out as party favors! Ain't that something!?! It's my first time to receive a party favor in that caliber. 2) The customized whiskey drink the mixologist of Buddha Bar curated for me last night. Whiskey FTW! 3) How the chalkboard sign I made for my friend's daughter turned out and that she loved it. 

To travel out of the country again mid this year. Bangkok maybe?

To get enough sleep this week or else I know I'm going to be sick.

Tired and sleepy but I don't regret not having enough sleep this whole week. It was a productive week and the weekend was surely a weekend to remember. It makes me happy too that my friends enjoyed our night out last night, they even got vodka shots from the DJ hahaha! Straight from the bottle! It's bittersweet because Z just resigned, M is going back to Canada and J who didn't make it is leaving for the States too. ๐Ÿ˜”

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