January 19, 2017

Mumuso Korea Now In The Philippines

The proliferation of everything Korean is super obvious in the Philippines nowadays. I have friends who are addicted to Korean TV series, loves travelling to South Korea and eating Korean dishes as well. But as for myself, what I love about Korea is their make ups and beauty products. They are one of the bests in the world, if I can say so myself.

That’s is why I really love this new concept store that recently opened in Manila which is Mumuso Korea. I visited their Venice Grand Canal Mall branch with my officemate one time during our lunch break (it’s just a stone’s throw away from our office building) and we almost went on an over-break because we can’t get enough of the stuff that are available there. 

Mumuso Korea is a fast fashionable leisure-lifestyle commodities store with a cute Korean flavor. Their philosophy adheres to a holistic lifestyle, affordable to everyone. They emphasize on quality while maintaining affordability. At Mumuso, functionality, quality, design, and value are the core concepts in every step, from initial product design to the final product on their store shelves.

You can compare it to Daiso, Saizen or Japan Home if you may because Mumuso caters to a wide range of personal and home products as well. But what greatly appealed to me is their makeup and beauty section. It is not unbeknownst to me that Korean beauty products are super nice, of good quality and highly effective. I am one of those people who are addicted to Korean facial masks and a frequent buyer of Korean make up from Etude House, Face Shop, Tony Moly etc.

For a little while, I roamed around the store and went back to the makeup section and that’s where I spent most of my time testing and swatching their makeups and other items. Their makeup ranges from PHP 99 - Php 400 (I think, or maybe lower). I only bought three items just to give it a try first. So here’s why I got:

24-hour 3D Mascara and Eyeliner Combo in Black
I was running out of mascara at that time and this is my main purpose of going there. I was assisted by one of the staff while deciding which one to get. And then she showed me this 2-1-mascara/eyeliner that costs PHP 149 only! It’s waterproof and long wearing. Well, in my mind, it was only 150 bucks so if doesn’t live up to its claim, I won’t feel bad about buying it.

Surprisingly, it did lived up to its claim. I swatched the eyeliner on the back of my hand and just left it there until I got home. And what do you know, it’s still there, still looking all jet-black and not fading at all. It has a different consistency almost like that of a lip tattoo that you can peel. Rubbing it doesn’t make it fade, unless you use soap and water. As for the mascara, it does the same thing, though make sure before you don't blink after putting it on, and let it dry first so you won’t get raccoon eyes. At for PHP 149, I think this is such a great buy!

5 Color Eye Shadow Palette
I’m not really a fan of shimmer eye shadows but this palette comes in basic nude colors that you can use on a daily basis. And when you want to go from day to night, there’s black and dark brown shades that you can use for smokey eyes. I swatched the shades and they are shimmery, yes, but are fairly pigmented. The palette also comes with a mirror and an applicator as well. And guess what? This only costs PHP 99! What a steal right?

Arbutin Concentrate Serum
Arbutin is extracted from the bearberry plant and inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin. Arbutin is therefore used as a skin-lightening agent. Arbutin is found in wheat, and is concentrated in pear skins. Bearberry extract is used in skin lightening treatments designed for long term and regular use. An active agent in brands of skin lightening preparations, it is more expensive than traditional skin lightening ingredients like hydroquinone, which is now banned in many countries.

I was torn between getting face masks that contains Arbutin or this serum to combat my pimples and lighten the pimple scars. So while I was at the store, I did a quick research on my phone and it seems like the serum was the best choice because I can use it on a daily basis. This bottle comes with a dropper so you can get only what you need to put on your skin. I’ve been using it for weeks now, once before my  daily makeup routine and once before I go to sleep. I apply it on my face, neck and underarms. So far, I’ve seen no obvious peeling or astonishing whitening effects; but my skin is in a better state now that it used to. One time though, I had a pimple on my temple and after 2 days of using this serum, the swelling subsided. The most noticeable effect that I can see is that my facial skin is softer and looks healthier than before. This costs only PHP 199. I just hope Mumuso doesn’t discontinue this or they don’t run out of stock, I’ll probably buy two bottles next time.

: Everyone! You must buy this AC serum! It is super effective and does so much wonders to my skin (especially for my face). I'm already on my second bottle and it's about to run out as well (because I also use it for my UA and bikini line). I use it twice a day. I get some annoying pimple every week, so what I do is I put some serum all over my face and then put a teeny tiny drop again on the pimple and massage it for a few good seconds. And after a day or two the pimple is less swollen and eventually goes away! I'm so gonna hoard on these serums! I'm so in love with this product that I went up to the point of messaging Mumuso not ever to discontinue supplying this. hehe!

When I go back, I'll probably hoard on face masks and  Micellar water, aloe vera moisturizer and oil control spray. Have you guys checked out Mumuso Korea? Let me know what you got and what you think or what’s your experience with their products. You can visit their growing number of branches, I’ve written them down below.


Lucky Chinatown - Binondo, Manila
- UP Town Center - Diliman, Quezon City
- Farmer's Plaza - Cubao, Quezon City
- Starmall - Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
- Eastwood Mall - E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Quezon City
- Ayala South Park Mall - Alabang, Muntinlupa
- Venice Grand Canal - Taguig City, Metro Manila
- Bay City Mall - Poblacion, Batangas
Email: info@mumuso.ph
Website: www.mumuso.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/pg/mumusoph
Twitter: twitter.com/mumusoph
Instagram: instagram.com/mumusoph

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  1. hi, great review! have you tried their propolis concentrate?

  2. Thanks!
    I havent tried the propolis yet.

  3. Hi! Does the AC serum lighten pimple scars as well? Thanks!

    1. So far in my case yes but I've been using this for sometime now...i believe with prolonged use it does help in lightening some of my pimple marks. I also use it twice a day btw.

  4. Hi! Are the prices of propolis and AC serum the same? Thanks!

    1. I justrecently bought my furst bottle of the Propolis serum and yea they are same price PHP 199 ;-)

  5. Hi...AC Serum, after toning? Thanks

  6. I'm getting my AC SERUM this week hopefully I get tge same good results as you did.
    Thanks for the review.
    God bless

    1. Did you get the same results? Thanks!

  7. Also, can this be used with Saem lift ampoule?

  8. Does AC Serum moisturize your face? Did it minimize the appearance of your pores?
    Which do you prefer? AC concentrate or Propolis concentrate.

  9. Q1: Yes. Q2: Yes. I like the AC serum better since I see results with it compared to when I used the Bee Propolis. The Bee Propolis was also too thick of a liquid for me and I kinda hated the sticky feeling when I put it on my face and afterwards.

  10. does AC serum minimize pores as well?


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