January 18, 2017

Cyma Greek Tavern - Eastwood

Another favorite cuisine of mine is Mediterranean because of how flavorful their food is and plus it is greatly influenced by so many cultures and cuisines which makes it a colorful one. I have visited a couple of restaurants in the metro that serve Mediterranean food and have always enjoyed it for the most part.

I often see Cyma whenever I go to Eastwood and other malls but only recently that I get to try it. My friend and I was supposed to have just coffee, when we passed by Cyma while walking around the Eastwood. We both looked at each other and mentioned “I haven’t tried this place” and we’re like, “Let’s go!” It was now or never, just kidding!

Cyma set out to create a truly great Greek restaurant in the Philippines. The people behind the restaurant travelled throughout Greece and the Mediterranean to search the old country for good food and wine and they have found plenty. They also discovered that the Greek experience is more than just wonderful recipes and ingredients. It engages the coming together of people over food. It is in this spirit that Cyma invites you to relax and enjoy one of the world’s healthiest cuisines and savor over 3,500 years of Greek cultivation.

The store invokes colors of Greece: white and blue with murals depicting Greek life back in the ancient days. There’s also an al fresco dining area, where we were seated since we wanted to watch the fireworks that will be happening that night.

* additional photos from Zomato and Google
* additional photos from Zomato and Google

Here's we had for dinner at Cyma:
Cyma Lamb Chops - Served with your choice of side. What was available at that time was the shoulder loin lamb. The serving included two slices of the lamb chops which could already feed 2 average sized appetite. The meats were tender with very bold flavors.

Moussaka – This is Greece’s national dish. Layered seasoned pork and beef, roasted eggplant, Greek béchamel sauce and served with your choice of side. This is also my favorite Greek dish because of the eggplant and cream combination hugely appeals to my palate. I like Cyma’s version because of its creaminess.

Crispy Fries - Thrice cooked and served with cumin mayo. The cut of the fries were thin compared from the usual and the mayo and cumin dip was tasty.

Chicken Souvalaki - Skewered meats with grilled tomatoes, peppers and onions. Served with garlic yogurt and homemade pita. You can opt to have rice instead of pita btw. Just like the lamb chops I like the souvlakis are tender and full of flavor and of course dipping them on garlic yogurt

I’m glad that I finally got to try Cyma, the price is reasonable for the quality and quantity and the service is good. I will likely go back and try their other menu offerings.

CYMA GREEK TAVERN - Eastwood Branch
Level 2, Eastwood Mall Libis, Quezon City
Contact No: (02) 709-1955
Email: contactus@cymarestaurants.com
Website: www.cymarestaurants.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cymarestaurant
Twitter: twitter.com/cymarestaurants
Instagram: instagram.com/cymarestaurants

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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* additional photos from Zomato and Google

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