January 13, 2017

Leopard Shoes Are The Answer

Whatever your style is, a girl should own classic pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories in her wardrobe. Because whenever the occasion calls for it, you just have to reach in to your closet for them and need not to freak out and scour the mall just to get them. 

Must have pieces in your closet should include (according to Tim Gunn) a little black dress, a blazer, a polo shirt, a good pair of trousers, black high heels and a good pair of under wear. Of course that’s not the only things you need but yeah, you should have at least one of each.

Then if you want to amped up your style, you can get additional pieces that puts an exclamation point into your ensemble like statement shoes, jewelry or bag. What comes to my mind that can give a rather boring little black dress the punch it needs is by pairing it with Leopard print shoes. I’ve seen fashion bloggers sporting this get-up and it totally looks chic. 

Animal instincts? Not really.  Some are afraid to own one because they might be teased about it. I wore a leopard print chiffon top a couple of times before and I got joshed over it. But it actually looks good and stylish, maybe some people are just not so used to it. One of my friends gave me a pair of leopard shoes and I love it to bits. It looks so chic with any monochromatic outfit especially with black clothes. A hint of leopard effortlessly jazzes up a solid black outfit. All black everything is a great backdrop for such a standout shoe.

From everyday events to special occasions, consider leopard heels to refresh your look. If you want to get all dressed up or take your day look to an evening look. A pair of leopard boots or leopard flats is perfect. Be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and chic. Or be bold in a solid dress in a vivid color, a little animal print is always welcome.
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