January 2, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 8

Happy New Year everyone!!! Today is the first day of the year and I can't be more excited about it. I am thankful for 2016; I can't say it's my best year ever but it definitely was a special year for me. It had a fair share of ups and downs and lessons learned... just like any year that has passed. And because of that I was inspired to write another year-end blog post which you can read here: My 2016: Year In Review And Things I Am Thankful For.

Every year, I always make it a point to have a positive outlook for what the new year will bring for me. As for now, I will just go with the flow but will still keep an eye for my future goals and plan and still work hard to attain them. I haven't crossed all that I've written down in my journal back at the start of 2016. And this new year is another opportunity to put into reality those goals and plans that were not achieved in 2016.


Still not reading any book at the moment, except for essays or poems on Thought Catalog and stuff I see on my social media newsfeed. I wasn't able to start any book back on Christmas holiday or the New Years cuz it's either I am in a holiday gathering or too busy staring at my bedroom ceiling or sleeping.

This. Only this. Sounds familiar? Haha! I'm just goofing. I'm writing this TSC Volume while I wait for my college buddy here at Single Origin BGC High Street Central. He just left his house and will be here in 30 minutes, so I thought while waiting I would finish this entry. 

Here With Me by Dido. I recently watched the movie Love Actually while on Christmas break. It was released years ago and I've heard of it but only now that I got to watch the full movie and I loved it! Ok going back, that song by Dido was included in the soundtrack of the movie. It was played after Juliet (Keira Knightley) learned that Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is secretly in love with her. Unfortunately Juliet happens to be Mark's best friend's wife. Awwwww... And then Mark makes absurd excuses and leaves. Then this song plays while Andrew is being shown attempting to go back then walks away and then goes back again and then walks away again. He runs somewhere and gives a loud grunt expressing his despair. In that scene I can't help but say "F***ck" hahaha! I got carried away! I was feeling Andrew. Man that sucks right? Not being able to say how you really feel for someone... dang... (check the scene below)

About what to write in my journal for my 2017 plans and goals. Hmmmm... but definitely travelling more is on top of the list. And migrating to somewhere too.

The candle burning in front of me while I sip on this Iced Valrhona Mocha at one of my newest fave coffee shop. And this anchovy and garlic pizza I'm eating with one of my college buddies (still at this cafe) while we catch up on life, talk about 2016 and how excited we are for 2017!

That it would be summer soon.

That 2017 would be a better year than 2016. It's not that 2016 is bad, it was ok I guess but could have been better. So yeah I am hoping that 2017 will be a year full of love, peace, prosperity and shit. I. Thank. You. Charot!

Denim shorts, Oxford striped polo shirt with flower embroideries, Keds white sneakers and my new ash blonde hair color. Heck yeah, I'm wearing all things 2016. So wut?

My new hair color! New year means new hair color! Errr, I just wanted to say that... hahahaha! Anyway, for the longest time, I've been wanting to dye my hair ash brown/blonde. I think I almost achieved it before, then I decided I wanted a darker brown shade. Which turned out to be a big mistake because when I did that, the color turned orange-y. Then I went back to the salon where I get my hair colored again, they can't achieve the color anymore without bleaching my hair. So I just got a color which I don't really like. Then last Friday, I went to Watson's to get some toiletries and passed by the hair dye section. I browsed the shelf and found this brand with just gray and ash green blonde color. I bought them both. I DIY-ed my hair color this time and when my hair dried it looks abso-effin-lutely ah-mazing!!! I love it! Ash blonde hair achieved! Woot! Got a lot of compliments the following day from people at work. ;-)

To learn another language. I'm deciding between German or Spanish. I had a semester of Spanish class back in college but can only remember very few words and phrases.

A retouch for my eyelash extensions. It looks horrible now after more than a month that I've been sporting them.

Hopeful and excited for 2017. It won't hurt to be optimistic right? But of course being realistic is also a key.

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