August 10, 2021

Wedding Destinations Around the World That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you planning your 2021 wedding? Many places in the world are open for travel once again, so you can put two amazing things together—your wedding and travel—and opt for a destination wedding. If you know you want to travel but don’t know where, here are a few gorgeous wedding destinations around the world to consider.

This destination will match your wedding dress perfectly. On this Green island, whitewashed houses and their cobalt blue roofs are balancing on seaside cliffs creating a perfect backdrop for your dramatic wedding photos. If you want something very unique, have a ceremony on the volcanic sand beach. Head to the black beaches of the east coast or have a wedding on the red sands of the south.

If you want a tropical wedding, Fiji will bless you with soft white sands and crystal blue water. Fiji has more than 3000 islands that will spoil you when it comes to choices of destinations for weddings. This tropical paradise is lined with palm trees, speckled with beaches and coral reefs. When you’re done with your wedding, you and your wedding party can stay for a few days, explore and enjoy water sports or lounging at the beach.

Tuscany is a region in the very heart of Italy and a must-see destination for all lovers of romance, culture and history. Its capital, Florence, is famous around the world for art and architecture. If Florence is not your cup of tea, drive outside the city and into the rolling Tuscan hills. There you will find fields of vineyards and plenty of picturesque wine cellars willing to host your wedding. A fantasy sunset will frame your every wedding photo and you will start your life together surrounded by romance and tranquility.

If you want a gorgeous wedding with a luxurious dance hall and exclusive decoration that will make you and your future spouse feel like royalty, look no further than Sydney. This Aussie metropolis has many glamorous venues but you can also opt for a chill beach wedding—Sydney has something for everyone, especially the Western party of the city. Choose your venue, order flower delivery to Western Sydney and gather your guests for the best and most exciting wedding. When you exchange your vows, you can spend the night dancing in your venue, partying at the beach or taking your celebration downtown if that’s more your jam.

Here’s another destination with rich history, culture and natural beauties—Istanbul. If your wedding party is more into exciting exploration than lying at the beach, this Turkey metropolis is the right choice for you. You and your guests will have a lot of things to do before and after you have your magical oriental wedding experience created by local artisans.

French Riviera
French Riviera is one of the first exclusive modern resort destinations in the world and a popular spot for royalty since the 19th century. In the 20th century, this destination became a hotspot for artists like Picasso and Matisse, and today, it’s the home of stars like Elton John, Bono, Johnny Depp and more.  Perpetual sunshine, kilometers of beautiful coastline and glamour of Saint Tropez, Cannes and Monaco will show you why this is one of the most exclusive wedding destinations.

Saint Lucia
How do you imaging the lost city of Atlantis? Well, it probably looked something like Saint Lucia. It has volcanic sands, blue sapphire water, dramatic mountains with cascading waterfalls—this Caribbean island is paradise on Earth. Just watch out, you might not want to leave after your gorgeous beach ceremony!

From fun beach weddings of Sydney, over exclusive French Riviera ceremonies to tropical fairytales of the Caribbean, you can travel the world this year and choose a destination perfect for your special day.

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  1. Wow these are nice destinations. I personally love turkey and Greece.


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