December 16, 2021

Top Cities in Germany You Must Visit

Did you know that Germany is among the top 10 most visited countries worldwide? With so many gorgeous landscapes, mesmerizing lakes and breathtaking mountains, Germany will enchant you with its culture, history and a variety of activities to do. If you’re travelling to Germany for the first time, choosing the best destination to visit can be overwhelming. That’s’ why we’ve created a list of top cities that should be on your must-visit list.

Hamburg is a city in the northern part of Germany called the Jutland Peninsula. If you’re an avid coffee enthusiast, you’ll love Hamburg for its awesome coffee shops. When it comes to attractions, in Hamburg you can come across an array of street fairs and festivals, which makes it a perfect tourist attraction. Hafengeburtstag is the festival that honours the founding of the port and is definitely worth checking out. If you’re visiting around Christmas, don’t miss out on Hamburg’s beautiful Christmas markets and the MS Dockville Festival.

Bavaria is a German state known for its very special and unique culture. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and home to the famous Oktoberfest. Check out hosts walking around in the lederhosen and dirndl as they jug on obscene amounts of beer. Munich is located in the Bavarian Alps, on the bank of the River Isar. Once in Munich, you’ll have the chance to go on a hop on-hop off busses and enjoy thrilling Munich city sightseeing tours at their best. Feel free to get on and off the bus on any stop that you like and as many times as you want to experience the lively Munich city life at your own pace. Go to the iconic beer gardens, The Reside6nz and the Nymphenburg Palace, and check out some of the 80+ museums.  Whether you’re into modern art or potatoes, Munich has a museum for you to enjoy.

Are you looking for a cosmopolitan city that will offer plenty of cultural and historical discovering opportunities? Cologne is yet precisely the city to go to. A lot of the city’s old architecture was destroyed in World War II, but Cologne’s old town offers an array of sights and cobbled streets, to take iconic photos and enjoy your sightseeing tour. Be sure to stop by the Kölner Dom, a cathedral in the High Gothic style, to witness its grandiosity and the stunning 56 pillars that hold it up. Wanna check out the panoramic views inside the cathedral? Climb up the south tower and enjoy the stunning views of the River Rhine.

Visiting the country's capital is an absolute must. When it comes to Germany's capital, many say that it's always unique and diverse, every time they come back. You know how they say that you can never step in the same river twice? The same goes for Berlin. Just like a river that is always flowing, Berlin tends to change with every passing year and welcomes people of diverse cultures from all over the world. When looking for a true European metropolis, with a vast variety of shopping options, Berlin is the city to go to. Aside from shopping options, you’ll find lush forests, crystalline lakes, canals and gardens galore. When you decide to go sightseeing, don’t miss out on the iconic Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate.

For all the spa lovers, Baden-Baden will be the ultimate destination. Located in the middle of the Black Forest, this charming city will be a true delight for everyone who enjoys a mild climate and hot springs. Are you looking for a deluxe therapeutic spa getaway? Baden-Baden is the city to visit. Start from the well-known Spa Garden, the Kurgarten. Continue to the city’s admirable cultural scene and shopping opportunities and take a stop at the town's art galleries and exquisite boutique shops.

Visiting Germany will be a true thrill. Make sure you visit the top cities we've listed, for the ultimate travelling experience. Regardless of the city that you go to first, you'll have the time of your life without a doubt.

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  1. Hyun Jang NimDecember 16, 2021

    Wow these places are really must visit.each has unique beauty and charm.

  2. Picture pa lang makikita mo na yung sobrang ganda ng Germany 😍thank you sa idea Ms. Jen sana mag karoon din ako ng chance na maka punta ng other country para ma visit ko yang sinasabi mo🤗🤗.


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