December 31, 2021

Lipa Batangas' Hippest RestoBar: Gastro Publiko

Have you been to Lipa Batangas? You might think it’s one of those sleepy old South towns, but there’s actually more to it than meets the eye! It’s a mix of everything you could ask for: nature, history, pockets of shopping and dining places.⁣

If you happen to visit, don’t forget to check out Lipa Batangas’ hippest place: GASTRO PUBLIKO! There’s basically everything for everyone there; food, drinks, entertainment, name it! Although it will depend on what time of the day and day of the week you’ll visit. ⁣

The resto is a perfect place for quiet Sunday lunch with the family, a fun night out with your friends for some alcoholic beverages and bar foods on a Friday or Saturday night with party music blasting all night, or a laidback chill time with family or friends with a live band on Sunday night just before you start another busy week.⁣

And don’t get me started with GASTRO PUBLIKO’s vast menu options! All curated by some of the chefs that are also behind Tipsy Pig (one of my fave restobars in Manila)! If you haven’t seen a menu where every entry is good, then you’re missing out! I mean, whatever you’re craving for, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it in their menu. ⁣
Our first visit was on a Saturday night where the resto was transformed into a bar filled people who wanted to do some chill partying where dance music was played all night long. 

Here are the food that we got to try on our first visit:

Beef Salpicao - beef tenderloin, olive oil, and garlic. The beef flavor is so pronounced, really really delish!

Baked Mussels - mussels, mornay sauce, mozzarella, parsley. My kind of cocktail or beer pairing.

Garlic & Shrimp Pizza -  sautéed shrimp, fried garlic and mozzarella. So good!

Bittersweet Chocolate Dream Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake Cake ⁣- created by one of the chefs, super yummy dream cakes. 

Cocktails - they have a variety of cocktails and also cocktails/beers with bar chow bundles. 

We went back the following day for Sunday lunch, and the place was a far cry from the clamor that was from the night before. Most diners were composed of families, probably those who just finished attending Sunday mass. 

We tried a few more dishes off the menu, which included:

Beef Caldereta  - Publiko's special caldereta with cheese. This is so good! One of the best calderetas I've tried. One of the owners told me why it was so good, but of course I won't disclose the secret ingredient LOL!

Crab & Sesame Salad - lettuce, red onions, seasonal fruits, crispy kani strips and spicy sesame dressing. 

Chili Dirty Fries - crispy fries, cheese sauce, chili con carne and pico de gallo. 

Shrimp Olio - olive oil, shrimp, garlic and spaghetti. Don't be fooled with how simple it looks as it is packed with flavor!

Spicy Butter Shrimp - sautéed shrimp, spicy butter sauce, green onions and chili flakes. Another must try! Super good with toast or rice!

Blended Shrooms Soup - variety of mushrooms blended with cream and thyme. 

Korean Fried Chicken ⁣- fried chicken filler glazed with yangnyeom sauce. This is on the spicy side.

We headed back during Sunday night just to cap off our quick weekend get away in Lipa. On Sunday night the crowd was a mix of ages, families and friends and there was a live band playing so the atmosphere is more laid back compared to Friday or Saturday night perhaps. 

Here are what we have sampled during our last visit:

Rib Eye Steak - pan seared USDA ribeye with Publiko's mashed potato and roasted vegetables. 

Mommy’s Special Hotdog - pan fried sliced hotdog, special Publiko sauce and onions. 

Southern Calamari - crispy fried calamari and aji sauce. 

Honey Soy Garlic Wings - fried chicken wings , honey soy, sesame seeds and chives. 

Blueberry Cheesecake  - another variant of Publiko's dream cakes. 

Calamansi Hooch, Mojito, and Raspberry Margarita - cocktails for a chill Sunday night dinner. 

If you happen to visit or pass by Lipa, Batangas, dont forget to check out Gastro Publiko! They're details and socials are written below!

Pres Jose P Laurel Highway, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact No: 09672588200

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